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More Ebay Listings

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You should specify what each listing is for - would make it a lot easier for people to get interested, rather than taking up time clicking through each link :)

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Here are a couple of more Ebay Listings:

Painted Miniature Factory's Uncle Meat


Painted Happy Games Factory/Eden Miniatures - Tsar (Lion) jokers Faction



Sorry for the quality of the pictures...I'm trying to work this out w/ my phone + different background paper ect.

Thanks for looking :)

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Here are three (3) more Ebay Listings:

Painted Mythic Battles - Pantheon Large Earth Elemental


Painted Mythicc Battles - Pantheon Large Fire Pheonix


Painted Mythic Battles - Pantheon Large Multi-Color Cockatrix


Again, thanks for looking :)

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Alright everybody...I have some more Ebay Auctions listed - please take a look at what's available.

Privateer Press Minicrate Exclusives


Painted Pulp City Miniatures Amok


Painted Monolith Games Conan Miniatures - Swamp Demon & Bone Golem



Again, thanks for looking :)


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It's that time of year again Wyrdos'...time to clear out my miniature chest (well...it's not an actual chest but a large Tupperware container). Here's what's up on Ebay at this time:

Wyrd Miniatures: Ten Thunders - Jorogumo box set + alot more


Wyrd Miniatures: Out Cast - The Guilty Box Set


Privateer Press Miniatures: Grymkin - The Child Box Set


Blacksun Miniatures - Death Blister


Corvus Belli - Infinity 2 Blisters


D&D Lot of Mini's


The Others - 7 Sins Miniatures Lot


Wrath of Kings Orsund Cavalier Box Set


Privateer Press Minicrate LD Blister


Steamforge - Guildball - Old Father's Harvest Box Set


I'm adding more auctions throughout the next week as I'm on vacation now and can do so...thanks for looking and have a great Gaming Day...Now go Splatter Some Paint!

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