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What do you like about the Cult of the Burning Man?

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Fire burning bright above, madness for magic and tricky techniques. No matter if you have converted to the Cult by free will or have been shaped by his blazing might, I want to hear your thoughts. 

It might be their trickster play style or many unique sculpts, share the positive things you feel about this allegiance. And only the positive, as you never know if he listens.

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Oh, so many reasons.  Firstly, their aethetics are great.  I'm a big fan of The Warped in particular, magical body horror done right can just look fantastic.  The Twisted Horrors give a nice polarizing view to them as well, so we have both the people who properly harnessed their magical changes and those who were consumed by it for some great variety in how wild the body horror gets.

Also, their game mechanics.  I love the hit and run, hop across the map styles of gameplay, and the Cult's Portals and Adeodatos provide that in spades (if you're a fan of Warmahordes, it feels like what Circle wishes it could be).  They also have an excellent spread of model's roles.  Everything in the faction has a purpose and a place, and nothing feels especially outdone in that role by anything else.  Internal balance is awesome!

Lastly and most importantly, I like the feel of them on the board.  I've played every Allegiance and every Commander several times over in the beta and the Cult are the ones that I just feel like I have the best connection with, gameplay-wise.  The way they play just feels right to me.

So yeah, I'm all about the Burning Man.  Burn, baby, burn!

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Portals and magic in general, the old ones worshippers style (fav unit is doomseekers), and personality of every single model! There are no equals! Even better, you can see some dudes across the units (I think I saw the man with the big hat in 3 units in different stages of mutation).

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Black Ops...saw them.....saw the Warped....saw the Doomseekers....kerrr-ching ! Sold immediately....visually seem to tie in immediately to my favourite Malifaux faction The Neverborn.....and then portals....portals really got my attention....have gone dual commander and via Kassa/Horomatangi may end up dual faction.....but until the reveal of Syndicate models these guys are my firm favourite in a game with a knockout range of figures

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A Johnny-come-lately here. I like the look of the non-human miniatures and prefer the aesthetics over the other three major factions. Circle Orboros is my chosen faction for WarmaHordes, so as retnab said above, the play style of Cult of the Burning Man will hopefully mesh. Plus I like that they're religious fanatics who are well beyond the realms of sanity. Maybe that appeals to me on a personal level? :P


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