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Completely New: Dreamer advice


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Hello everyone.  I recently started, and was acquire a dreamer crew to start with.  I understand dreamer is best as a summoner, what other models should I get?   This is what I have:

  • Hide and Seek Dreamer box set (all models)
  • Baby Kade
  • 3 Waldgeist
  • 2 Insidious Madness
  • 1 Doppelganger
  • Primordial Magic
  • Widow Weaver
  • The Carver
  • 4 Stitched together
  • 3 Terror Tots
  • Neverborn models from the 2nd Edition Starter Box: Angel Eyes, Scion of Black Blood, 2 Bloodwretches

All advice welcome.  Maybe a beginner 30ss list to start? 

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those are just about the only thematic models (being nightmares) that you are missing - the bandersnatch is the other.


However, I'd say hold off on buying more right now and learn with what you currently have, which is plenty!  I'd also suggest you don't change lists too much over your first few games until you have a feel for what is working and what isn't for you.

As dreamer can summon things in, one way to go is to build a list out of the things he can't bring in easily later on.  To assist with the summoning I'd recommend 2-3 daydreams be in your initial crews so that they can be sacrificed to give dreamer the second mask he needs if the cards don't fall right.

This pretty much takes the primordial magic off the list (you can't have both totems) - so put that to one side for now.

Apart from that, pretty much any list you want to try will be viable - when you play, you need to tailor your list each time to the schemes/strategy involved.  No point in taking models that are slow and tough if you need fast ones instead, and vice versa.

flip a scheme pool and post it here along with an initial list you fancy trying and I'll give you whatever help I can from that point - but jsut telling you to use "x" isn't going to help tbh.


On a related note:

I'm jumping back into dreamer (in a limited fashion) this year and will be using a list with a particular theme that looks nothing like the above (until I start summoning things) - I thought I'd mention that here to suggest that we could learn together, and also to show that workable lists can be built out of anything really :)

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You really need the Twins (Lilitu and Lelu) - Lilitu goes in a ton of lists, and summon her (and often Lelu) with Dreamer is a great thing to do.

Beyond that, you have a great core.  There are certainly models to pick up eventually, but I wouldn't worry about getting anything more than the Twins, and just learning everything you have.


As far as a 30ss list, it's pretty basic:


Dreamer with Dreams of Pain and Otherworldly (and I like On Wings of Darkness for card draw).

2-3 Daydreams.

Widow Weaver (I like her for the summoning option, the WP, the horror, and the theme) with Handbag and On Dreaming Wings.

Then just summoning Lilitu, Stitched Together, Coppelius, Insidious Madnesses, and Lelu, and go crazy!

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I thank you all for the welcome and advice. 

On 3/26/2017 at 8:49 PM, santaclaws01 said:

You should get Teddy and the Twins, Lelu & Lilitu.

Ok, I will put them on the list.  Thank you

@Joel  Welcome back.  Thank you for the advice, Let see how my demo game goes. 

@Ergonomic Cat  Thank you.  excellent podcast, I enjoyed listening. 


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On 3/30/2017 at 1:13 PM, Rabbitknight said:

Bear in mind the current Daydream Eratta: if you use the Dreams of Pain summoning action the extra mask expires. So you gain one "easy" summon only.

but your able to get multiple uses out of one if you summon daydreams/alps via an action on back of dreamer's card?

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41 minutes ago, HydroMog said:

but your able to get multiple uses out of one if you summon daydreams/alps via an action on back of dreamer's card?

The Dreamer can only benefit from one Lucid Condition each activation (because it doesn't stack), but yes, if you summoned another Daydream after using the Lucid condition it could sacrifice itself to give Lucid again to the Dreamer afterwards for his next activation.

At least, I THINK I'm understanding your question clearly.

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Has anyone ever tried doing an Evil Baby Orphanage theme list? With Dreamer and other Neverborn, you could have a crew of evil children and toys. Iggy, Candy, Kade, Changelings, Dreamer, Terror Tots, etc... 

Tots and Changelings are pretty good scheme runners, and for hitting power you could add teddy.

I know there are better builds, but it would be such an excellent themed crew.

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