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New model: Sticky Frog

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Recently I’ve got an idea of new model. I’m not totally convinced, but I suppose this model’s conception seems to be pretty balanced. It has a great synergy with the Brewmaster, Zoraida and Pandora. It may interrupt enemy models or push friendly ones. I’ve decided to post it on the forum because I hope that my idea has a chance to be heard by Tyrant if you like this conception.

Sticky Frog  10SS
Minion, Living, Rare 1
Swampfiend, Woe

Df 5, Wp 5, Wd 10, Wk 5,  Cg 7, Ht 2

Gremlins/Neverborn dual unit
50mm base


Perfect Camouflage: Attacks generated by

the Charge Action and Sh Actions receive :-fate

while targeting this model if this model has not

yet Activated this Turn.

Hard to Wound +1: Damage flips against

this model suffer :-fate.

Poisonous Fog: Models which begin their Activation

within this model’s engagement range gain Poison +1 condition.

Stifling Smog: Enemy models with the

Poison Condition which end their Activation

within this model’s engagement range immediately suffer 2 damage

and then lower their Poison

Condition value by 1.

Attack Actions

(1) Sticky hug (MI 6 / Rst: Df / Rg :melee1): Target suffers 2/3/4 damage. This attack gains :+fate to Disengagement strike.
               :crow Slime: After damaging, the target receives the Poison +1 Condition.

(1) Charming’s tongue (Sh 6 :mask / Rst: Df / Rg: 6) Target suffers 1/2/3 damage and Poison +1 Condition.
:mask Kiss the prince: Push target in base contact to this model.
:crow Fall in love: After damaging, target gains Slow Condition.
:mask:mask Obsessed by Passion: After damaging, target gains "Obsessed Condition: This model decreases it's Wp equal to amount of Poison Condition on it."

Tactical Actions

(0) Lazy Leap (Ca 6:mask / TN: 10:mask): This model immediately moves up to 3/4/5, ignoring intervening terrain and models during the move.
:mask Joined at the hip: Before the moving every model within this model’s engagement range must pass a 14 Wk duel, or be placed in base contact to this model after succeeding this action and receive Poison +1 condition.

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