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Reva (where is she?)

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During my online travels last night I began a journey to find some neat Lovecraftian miniatures in which to purchase for collection purposes and stumbled across this excellent game. I've spent my night reading the lore, learning the factions and characters within and whatever else I can (without yet being able to purchase) of the Malifaux universe. I am enamored! When last year I thought Bloodborne was a game pulled straight from my greatest desires I now find Malifaux?! It's all too much, I've waited my whole life for gaming to come to this!

So after my researching and digesting of this grand gaming concept I have come to the conclusion that for my first group of painted war miniatures I'd go with a Resurrectionist group. My hope is to one day own every figure as I have fallen in love with the lot! But to begin with it feels right for me to start with Reva and get myself some Gaki on the side. My main issue right now is I can't find Reva in the store and I know not why. Can anyone help me with this inquiry? it doesn't require too much haste as I do intend to make my Gaki before creating their leader, but it still concerns me.

Endless appreciation to all who become vocal.

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Malifaux books are released annually (at GenCon in August) before the minis within it arrive at stores, so the stats and some holiday pre-orders of the models exist before then. [insert Fetid Strumpet's ninja posting here :P ] As a rule of thumb, Wyrd releases on the last week of any given month, so April releases will become available the week before May, and so on.

I don't remember many people talking about the potential of Reva with gaki--she's rather independent of her crew, as I understand it, so the gaki are better used to synergize with something else you hire. Not to say her box is bad. It's excellent and you will probably field the entire contents of it for a long while (the general rule of thumb is that you needn't field three copies of a hire-able minion, but shieldbearers and a few other Resser minions break that rule). Just that your local Resser will have a better idea how Reva and gaki go together. They aren't my specialty.

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They don't really. Gaki eat corpses to stay alive, Reva wants corpses to stay on the ground so she can arc node through them. Gaki don't drop corpses when they die, and again Reva wants corpses all over the place. Best synergy is that if you have a lot of Gaki around Vincent can shoot into them with his box and not hit them. Passed that Reva can push them around with Bloodmark, but there are better models to hire that synergize with Bloodmark. 

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