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Malifaux Playtesting Callout


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In the loud words of a genius,


I know I have no right, no right to cry
Some people have it much, much worse than I
I could have a serious nut allergy
And be shipwrecked on an island with a crate of Snickers bars,
A jar of Nutella and a fresh baked pecan pie


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2 hours ago, ZiggyQubert said:

If it has the worde cake in the name......

While it does have the word cake in its name, it is made with a crust.  Plus the non-crust part of the cheesecake is more akin to a filling than it is a cake.  But then again, the filling does use flower to thicken it, but it doesn't bake into a cake-like substance.  Hmmm, I'm still not sure.

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