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Storied Soundtracks Contest Discussion

Mike Wallace

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I gotta give a big shout out of thanks to Wyrd for this storied event. I just broke my collar bone last night -right side, and I am right handed which means I can neither assemble nor paint my miniatures and I was feeling very sorry for myself (particularly since this means I'll likely miss out on the Iron Painter) till I read the February Newsletter. Wyrd, not only have you provided much needed reading materials to distract myself from the pain -the February chronicles, but you've given me a project I CAN work on, as I can still type left handed. Zorida definitely pulled strings on this one!:+fate

P.S - I love that song you picked! Never heard it before. It's been added to my play list.:)

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Finally finished! Oh man that was tough. Typing one handed sucks big time. That's gotta be the longest piece I've written in ... since I can remember. I gotta say, reading threw everybody's stuff, this was a great contest! Awesome stories everyone so far! 

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Definitely improved the contest over last year's by giving us all a prompt. The stories are part of a cohesive whole in style, all better fit within the Malifaux setting, and they compete against one another more than the motley mix of last year--the authors' individual styles count for more this year. We were lucky to get the full spread of factions (and one Other Side allegiance) within these constraints.

Again, I say, eek! long-form fiction! I struggled to hit 5000 words exactly. Also, remind me never again to rewrite the entire thing three days before it's due, even if it's much improved by the rewrite. :P

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