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Sunday 30th April - The Queen's Return, Sunderland - one space left

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Introducing a 50 soul stone tournament for 16 players on Sunday 30th April at Deptford and Millfield Community Centre in Sunderland. Directions will be posted in the rules pack.

This will be a fixed faction, non-gaining grounds, 3 round tournament with 16 places available. Every participant will receive a guilder for attending, with first place receiving a 3 scrip guilder. Prizes will also be awarded.

Entry is £10 per player, not including lunch, paid via PayPal gift to vincent_usher@yahoo.co.uk to secure your place.

Download the rulespack here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/riab7rlov0be9y7/The Queen's Return Pack.pdf?dl=0

1. Nate (Big Ned) 

2. Colin (Headzila)

3. Lukas (VVolfe)

4. John Wharton 

5. Jonathan Layton

6. Ashley Denney

7. Greg Piskosz

8. Amanda Blair

9. Daryl Stoker

10. Scott Parkin

11. Paul Jones

12. Michael Weatherstone

13. Chris Taylor

14. Jordan Parkin

15. Oliver Hedges

16. Andrew Carpenter 

Schemes for each round are as follows:

Round 1 (Standard Deployment, Turf War)

- A line in the sand

- Breakthrough

- Protect Territory

- Cursed Object

- Power Ritual


Round 2 (Corner Deployment, Squatters rights)

- A line in the sand

- Distract

- Assassinate

- Vendetta

- Plant Explosives


Round 3 (Close deployment, Reckoning)

- A line in the sand

- Bodyguard

- Assassinate

- Plant Evidence

- Frame for murder


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On 13/02/2017 at 10:12 AM, Tigerstyle said:

Definitely interest, need to check the calendar.  Suspect YorkFaux crew will be up for it.

Any news on if the YorkFaux crew want in? 

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Back to one vacancy due to a last minute cancellation. If no one takes the ticket then I will play as a non competing ringer so everyone gets a game each round.

Also, schemes are up...


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