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Iron Quill interest?


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Hey all!

I'm excited to see that there's a new crop of writers posting here somewhat regularly, so I thought the time might be right to re-launch the Iron Quill. The IQ is the Wyrd forum's semi-formal monthly writing competition. Each month I'll post a prompt composed of several "ingredients" - a character, a theme, an item, a location, and a line. The goal is to write the best possible story (or poem, or song) in 1750 words or less, using at least two of the provided ingredients.

Once submissions are closed, we vote for our favorite entries and the winners chose the next month's ingredients.

So what do you all think? Sound like fun?

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On 2/14/2017 at 11:52 AM, Paddywhack said:

Wait, what Wyrd writing contest? I've been a bit out of it wit ha new baby. Did I miss an announcement? 

It's in the announcement thread, I think. Storied Songs or some-such.

I'll post the Iron Quill prompt on March 15th when the official competition ends and we'll get started then! :)

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????: Good evening dear viewers to tonight's Malifaux Radio Show, I'm your new host, ________________, but you can just call me the Steamtastic Vagabond.

SV: Wait. David, did you censor my name? ................. Good.

SV: Now you may be wondering where the old host has gone off to, well, let's just say that he's been "Sacked".

????: (Muffled Screaming)

SV: Oh, don't worry now Eric, I'll take good care of your show in your leave of absense.

????: (More Muffled Screming)

SV: I agree Eric, there is no better way to start one's retirement than stuffing yourself in a burlap sack and locking yourself in the closet.

David: Uh, Steam? Get on with it already!

SV: Oh thank you David, I was getting off topic even before starting, my bad.

????: (Yet More Screaming)

SV: Now we shall begin tonight's programming.

(Malifaux Radio Show Jingle Plays)

SV: Now, as many of you know by now, the Malifaux Radio Show isn't doing so well. Those Nephilim over at the Breachside Broadcast have far superior ratings than we do. Hell, even Necromancy Can Be Fun has more ratings, which kind of scares me honestly.

SV: The most likely reason for this is that our dedicated story writer has met a tragic end when he was a "guest" on Necromancy Can Be Fun, (sigh), he didn't see those Death Marshals coming.

SV: So we need you, story writers in the audience to submit your best tales of horrible but wonderful happenings. You do that, and this run down radio show might just come back from the dead, like a corpse in the Quarantine Zone.

SV: Though, I want to make this a little bit more interesting, we here at the Malifaux Radio Show have heard about a game that has been played by many writers over here through the breach. The game is called Iron Quill, and I hope I can relay the rules accurately.

SV: So, you will be given about 3 weeks to produce a half decent story, or poem, or song, written thing, comprised of 1750 words or less. You will also be given 5 ingredients, 2 of which must be used in your story. This is usually a character, an object, a theme, a place, and a quote.

SV: So for this month I leave you with the following.
    A character: Union Engineer, Samuel Thornton
    An object: Crates filled with tea.
    A theme: Lonelyness
    A place: Malifaux City Slums
    A quote: "Look at all the lonely people!"

SV: And I suppose a dead line should be in order, how about, September 23rd. That should be plenty of time, with a week for voting.


SV: And now, a word from out sponsor.

(The Rest of This Document is Missing)


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