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Learning with Horror Molly


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So as you can probably tell by my avatar, im a avid Gremlin player.  I havent dabbled with any other factions until now with Ressurs. I have decided that I wanted to start with horror Molly.

As I understand it spirit is stronger, but horror includes the models that made me want to get into Ressurs in the first place.  I dont plan on getting competitive with them just yet,  ill save my Gremlins for tournaments, but what I do want to do is create a list that will generally always give me a fighting chance, while also allowing me the opportunity to learn the basic principles of playing Molly and some of the Ressur models in general... and to have a little fun of course.

The current idea goes something like this:


- Tears of the Gorgon

- Forgotten Life

Madame Sybelle

- Bleeding Tongue



2x Belles


My initial concerns:

I have never run a crew with so few models before.  The obvious suggestion would be to drop Killjoy to free up some points, and I wouldn't blame you for suggesting it.  I don't think he's generally worth the points.  I look at him and think to myself that Francois does just as much damage for half the cost.  But he seems fun and I'd like to see just how capable he is and how well Molly can distribute him.

So if I dont get rid of Killjoy, the next model I look at is Yin.  I hear he has great synergy with Molly, but its hard to say without playing a single game yet. So thats where you guys come in.  What do you think?  

I just want to solidify the list before I build and paint it.  I plan on just using the one list to mess around with for a while before expanding so I definitey want to nail it down.  Any suggestions or is it solid enough to get away with?

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While I think spirit is stronger I wouldn't say it as a definitive fact that everyone accepts.

That said, basic critiques of your list:

Drop Gorgen's Tear. While it can be useful at times, you have to ask yourself if you think giving up an upgrade slot and 3 stones is worth getting terrifying 12, because the vast majority of the time that's all it will do.

Find space for Take Back the Night. Either on Molly or another Horror. Molly needs cards, and that upgrade gives you cards.

Without a beater that can shrug off or heal the dmg done, not sure bleeding tongue is worth it. Again it's a question of how often are you going to actually leverage the effect of the upgrade in actual game play.

If you bring Archie, or Izamu bleeding tongue can be useful to get extra AP out of models that hit better and harder than madam sybelle does. Which increases the utility so the upgrade still does something even if she can't leverage it against enemies.

If you are bringing both Yin and Sybelle it might be worth it to find room for My Little Helper on both. 

You can also get an extra activation as well as some extra movement tricks by bringing her totem.

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3 hours ago, Getyerbro said:

What is "My Little Helper"?  I cant seem to find it anywhere.

Book 4. It lets the model use two (0) actions (can be the same one) once per game and can only be targeted by enemies within 3" on the turn you use it. When the model dies you get a mindless zombie.

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I don't rate Killjoy. For the same cost, you can have Archie who gives you a whole lot more. Your opponent can turn Killjoy against you very easily, versus Archie who is Henchman, has a leap, an extra AP for attacks and whose healing is built into other actions on a trigger. I also think Killjoy is one of those models that catches people off-guard once and so gives a false sense of being great, but once your opponent is aware of what he does and how he works is pretty easy to play around.

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He's a 13SS Henchman, Terrifying All, Hard to Wound with 12 wounds. An extra AP for attacks, and a 4/5/6 damage track and a Sh attack (with no :ranged) that does 3 or 4 damage. He can have an upgrade that gives him Armor +1, an upgrade that gives him a leap and one that gives a lure. The attaching and discarding of upgrades is handled by a combination triggers and a zero action.

Being a Horror is what makes him have a lot of synergy with Horror Molly.

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I'm not saying never try him. I was on the verge giving up with him after repeated attempts with Molly  when I got reports from the U.K. Masters where a Nicodem crew used him to great effect. 

So I'm not totally forgone on him, with Nicodem and Molly at least. I think Nicodem had it the best though because in addition to the extra AP they can both give him Nicodem can heal him, Molly can't. And Nicodem can buff his attacks to keep down on the required cheating, Molly can't.

Ultimately I think it's that latter issue that mostly pushes him over. Archie is VERY card intensive to use. There are several models in ressers that for the same cost as Archie are as or more resilient than what he collectively brings to the table. So to bring him really requires he excel at his beater role. He isn't any more accurate than less expensive options, and while minimum dmg 4 is VERY powerful, the benefits of that are negligeable based on the card requirements necessary to pull it off reliably and repeatedly, especially for a model of his cost.

His upgrades are also clunky to use via the stapled on action, and also have limited utility and high required TNs, which is counterproductive to using with Molly as she really eats the entirety of your hand to play well.

I think if Molly had, or gets some option to mimic Nicodem's buffs Archie might be better with her. While the extra AP and black blood abilities are all very well with him, I don't think they make up for some serious downsides exasperated by his model cost.

That said I would say definitely use him and come to your own opinion. :)

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Killjoy in my opinion, is a bit of an all or nothing model. He either comes out and rips a hole in the other crew, taking the heat off of your summons for a few turns or he comes out and the other crew throws everything they have at him and he dies before doing enough. I find that most people wisen up after the first time they experience the Killjoy trick.

Tear of the gorgon tends to be a tad overpriced unless you're also using Maniacal laugh, Molly is super resource intensive so it's not always possible to achieve the reactivate (0) action, otherwise you're paying the price of Tear of the Gorgon for a mere terrifying 12.

I've played both spirit and horror Molly, primarily spirit and I have to say that the power difference between them is negligible. I'd definitely say that horror is much easier to play as you don't have to worry about managing adversary and your choice of summons are much easier and don't require as much synergy to be effective.

I would highly recommend Philip and the Nanny as well as something to drop schemes for him, either a dead doxy or a necropunk, the card cycling is fantastic in such a resource intensive crew. Philip is also great for denying opposing schemes on turn 4 and 5.

It's not unusual to begin a game with 7 or even 6 models with Molly, summoning can make up the difference easily.

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While Killjoy can be an all-or-nothing model, I feel he is especially effective when frame for murder is in the pool. Since you can drop him in the opponent's deployment zone on your second activation, you either threaten to remove a decent chunk of their models, or they kill him and give you points. I usually take decaying aura, so 15 soulstones for either 2-3 points or a serious weakening of the opponent's crew is worth it for me.


I've had a fair bit of success with keeping it simple with the summoning: only summon punk zombies. If there's a group of at least two models, then a punk zombie is the best way to handle it. If there's not (very rare) then molly can disable single models better with get other actions.


I will echo what others have said: drop tear, add take back the night. 


From what I've seen, Molly does such a good job of harassing your opponent, that you really want the rest of your crew to accomplish your other scheme(s) and strategy. If you add my little helper to sybelle, you might be OK to drop a belle, as I usually use the belles to pull Molly around (use mlh turn one, so she can pull Molly and the belle up, and then you don't need to walk with the belle, and she can lure Molly out of harm's way). If you're bringing the fight to them, you don't really want to pull them to you anyway.


A single necropunk can accomplish claim jump by itself with a 7 every turn, so as long as you can either use the rest of your SS to accomplish the strategy or use the Molly/sybelle/belle/killjoy to accomplish the strategy while also harassing, then you will do well. 

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