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Swamp-Themed Henchman Hardcore?


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Not highly competitive, but very boggish:

Bad Juju + Eternal Fiend              2SS

Gluttony                                     9SS

Waldgeist                                  6SS

Will O'The Wisp                         3SS

                                           = 20SS

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7 hours ago, Mununkulus said:

I've tried as well, but couldn't figure out a list that is actually competitive, seeing as McT, the killiest swampfiend of all, is not NB.

Juju with EF denying points to ur opponent also only works if u manage to unburry him at the end of the game. Otherwise, or so i was told, he counts as killed.

There's nothing to prevent me from taking McTavish as a Merc though, is there? I was considering building a list consisting of him and JuJu, with a couple of cheap minions. I see that the options are pretty limited since the Spawn Mother is basically out of bounds in a format which prevents summoning.

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16 minutes ago, yanlosbeard said:

I was essentially thinking of something along these lines. Maybe JuJu, McTavish and a couple of Wicked (voodoo) Dolls or Gupps (and play without the capacity to summon a Silurid) to fit the theme I have in mind.

Gupps aren't very good at holding turf war or attacking other models so you would probably miss out. I guess you could set up come pretty decent damage with their aura if an opponent is dumb enough to hit them. The magic snake is as likely to be a magic swamp snake just as eassily as the carved wooden puppets would be voodoo dolls so I don't think you should let theme stop that.

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