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Viktorias versus Lucius


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The most recent learning game between my girlfriend and myself, using the Lucius and Viktorias starter boxes.

Strategy: Interference
Scheme Pool: Claim Jump, Eliminate the Leadership, Frame for Murder, Set Up, Last Stand
Deployment: Standard
Lucius took Eliminate the Leadership and Frame for Murder
Viktoria took Eliminate the Leadership and Set Up

Lucius set up in a little cluster on the left side of the board, with one lawyer off by himself on the right. The Viktorias had the three sisters almost directly across from Lucius, with Taelor and a ronin in the middle and the other two ronin on the right half.

The first turn started slow as the ronin advanced to take a table quarter and Dashel and the guards moved into position. Then Lucius stepped forward and Issued Commands to the guard, pushing them into range of Viktoria of Ashes and hitting her for four Wounds and a VP from Eliminate the Leadership. Red Jokers on damage suck.

Turn two, one ronin crossed the centerline to deny Lucius a table quarter, since the lawyer camping in it was going solo, while Taelor and a ronin set up Scheme Markers around Dashel. Viktoria of Blood blitzed a guard to heal her sister, only to score Lucius 3 VP for Frame for Murder once the guard died! Lucius kept ordering shots taken at Viktoria of Ashes, nearly killing her from Dashel and the remaining Guard, then the scribe moved into Viktoria of Blood's charge path to Lucius, annoyingly. The student gave Viktoria of Ashes an assist amd made her Fast, and finally Viktoria of Blood got sued and hit with Fees +2. Viktoria scored 1 VP from Interference and 2 more after revealing Set Up on Dashel.

Turn three Viktoria of Ashes cast Sisters in Battle, moved into range of the scribe, and cast Dragon's Bite, dropping her and Blood on the scribe and wasting him easy. Viktoria of Blood then chain activated and charged Lucius. Taelor charged Dashel to keep him tied up, while the student ran after her sisters. The lawyer and guard ran into the fray to try and brin down Viktoria of Ashes, getting her down to 2 Wounds.

Turn four, Viktoria of Ashes used Sisters in Battle and Dragon's Bite to drop her, Blood, and the student on Lucius, getting him to a single Wound. Viktoria of Blood then popped off Flight of Dragons, but everyone whiffed or got the damage prevented, but Lucius's hand was completely used in the process. Blood's Melee Expert attack finally killed Lucius, then a lucky hit from the guard killed Viktoria of Ashes. 

We called the game at that point, since there was no way to score any more points. Final score was 6 to 8, Viktorias' victory.

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Sounds like a fun game. Without more details it's hard to comment more, but I would encourage you guys to scale up to 50ss games ASAP (it sounds like you were just using the starter boxes). Smaller games can be extremely lopsided, though the Lucius player seemed to do a good job getting points on the board quickly.

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Thanks. Yeah, it was just the starter boxes, 40 SS. Some riflemen are on their way, and Mr. Graves and some austringers will probably show up after that. It's been fun to see the difference in how the two Masters play; Lucius maneuvers his minions into position and generally pushes them to excel, while the Viktorias go off on a murder spree and couldn't care less about who they brought.

This is my girlfriend's first minis game, but she's getting the hang of things pretty well so far.

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Nice going!  It reads like the Lucius player did really well to keep the score at 6 - 8 as I really think that the match-up favours the Viktorias heavily.

I'd second Admiralvorkraft's suggestion to step up to 50SS games as the whole system plays much more nicely at that level.

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