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10T Where to go from here? List building/help


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I've mainly been an Arcanists player until recently when I decided to break into 10T (Mei Feng turned out to be a gateway drug). Right now I'm quite interested in playing Misaki and have acquired a number of pieces which I've tried out in a game or two, but I'm feeling kind of swamped when it comes to picking further options for expanding what I have here. With no further ado, here's what is currently in my grubby mits:

  • The Thunder box
  • Mei Feng Box
  • Rail Golem
  • Metal Gamin
  • Shadow Emissary
  • Samurai
  • Wokou Raiders
  • Oiran
  • Lust

So determining where to go from here has been a little tricky. I see that I could use potentially better scheme runners than what I have available (I like the Oiran models but I'm not really sure about trusting them...I might just chop them up and mod some Jorogumo if I get any). For that end I've been considering the following based off of what I've seen on the forums: 

  • Tengu
  • 10T Bros

Any other suggestions?

For some more ranged options I'm pretty torn between the Katanaka Snipers and the Archers, I'm honestly not quite sure which would work better with Misaki here. I've been looking at the Bunraku (I assume they can be used at least) just as a general option, or maybe some Obsidian Oni as both seem like they could be an interesting linclude if they're compatible. 

I'm still very much feeling out this faction and what is available to me, as much of what is in 10T is new to me and just doesn't see much use in local meta here. Any advice on what would work nicely with what I have thus far (especially with Misaki) is welcome advice.

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Ten Thunder Brothers are always great!  They can be utilized is so many different ways because of the Dance of the Heavens action.  They are also one of the most under SS priced models in TT.


Katanaka Snipers over Archers anyday of the week. Focus ability for extra range.  + To flip on Shooting and Melee flip with a decent damage track. Once again an underrated cost SS cost for abilities compared to other TT models. 


These models are also indispensible in other crews besides Masaki.

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Agreed - Ten Thunder Brothers are great, reliable schemers, and inordinately difficult to take out unless your opponent can attack their Wp.

Tengu are certainly fast, but they are so fragile that I rarely find them worth the cost.

Also agreed that Snipers > Archers in almost all cases. If you can put your Archers somewhere the opponent cannot get to them, they are great; otherwise, someone just has to walk up and engage them and they become useless. If you do take the Archers, make sure someone nearby is carrying Blot the Sky, as it vastly multiplies their damage output. Snipers are just all-around reliable and can hold their own in melee if necessary.

Obsidian Oni work nicely with Mei Feng, as they can fling extra scrap markers around; they don't offer anything really special to Misaki AFAIK (but then, I don't play Misaki much). I'd also look at a Mechanized Porkchop and/or Sparks to go with Mei if you haven't already.

The Shadow Effigy is a nice cheap activation who's harder to kill than he should be; he can give Misaki a little extra protection, and has a good way to generate some extra scheme markers.

Sensei Yu is a powerful, flexible henchman who offers a lot of mobility and Fast to any crew; his ability to copy your Leader's (0) action can give a Stalking Bisento Misaki a lot of extra mobility.

Finally, for those times when you absolutely, positively have to murder something in a single activation, pick up Yasunori when he comes out for general release. Although I guess Misaki is pretty good at doing that herself...

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