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Unrelenting leader and brutal emissary


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Hi guys,


I recently got the brutal emissary for my lady justice crew and was thinking about how to play him.

Reading the unrelenting leader upgrade for the judge he could target the brutal emissary and make him put lady j in the box. Then the judge could walk forward and pull the brutal emissary up to him. Then finally he could activate himself and walk/charge forward and lady j would come out unactivated (the back in the box action states that the burried model unburries at the end of this models, aka emissary, next activation).

Am i missing something or is this perfectly possible?

If it is possible, is the 2ss upgrade worth it to do this? It will be situational as well. The things that i am thinking is lady j will be very overextended unless the enemy overextends himself and lady j is still close to the brutal emissary and more importantly the death marshal recruiter.

Regardless of pulling this on turn one to kill something you really want dead the judge can still use it to make the emissary use his back in the box or just hitting the enemy if he is in a great position.


What do you guys think about this combo?

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That's how it works. It has been mentioned here before. Abuela can be used instead of Judge if you want a cheaper model.

If you want Justice to survive her trip to the middle of the enemy crew, you will probably want at least Francisco as well.

Austringer and for example Watcher can be used to get a scheme marker pretty far upfield, if you want an alternative attack vector. Guard Sergeant could get one pretty far by himself as well.

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Thats true, didn't think about abuela and seeing that the upgrade itself is 2ss its just a 5ss difference.


I'll start with giving the death marshal recruiters a go and try and use the brutal emissary another go. I failed miserably with him the first two games, however i did manage to turn around the first game after losing the emissary turn 1.

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If your opponent splits up on two flanks it could theoretically be nice to clean out one flank with the lovely Lady on turns 1 & 2. You can then bury her during the emmissary's activation after she kills stuff turn 2 to pop back to the remaining enemies through a scheme marker and smack them around turns 3 and onwards. 

Haven't tried it myself so I would love some input on the viability.

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22 hours ago, 4thstringer said:

The problem with the recruiters in this scenario is the small area they actually protect guild marshalls.  

Frank seems like the best protection, guardians are also interesting (some loss of value due to low def, but some gain due to riposte)

I wouldn't count out taking both Franc and Guardian either.

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I used abuela and brutal emmisary yesterday. I found I needed frank and the effigy, plus the emmisary aura from the justice upgrade.


But it worked really well, she took out two swine cursed turn 1, Francois and mctavish In turn 2 and 3 while the emmisary and everything else helped hold up the rest of the crew and get my extraction/claim jump/show of force

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I ran this list last night, I was impressed with the Conflux of Judgment overall.

Lady Justice- Implacable, Last Stand, Thalarian Stone, 5 ss cache

The Judge- Unrelenting Leader, Numb to the World

Brutal Emissary- Conflux of Judgement


Brutal Effigy



Looking back at the list I would swap the Lawyer for a Witchling Stalker or a Field Reporter depending on if I felt like I needed condition removal or scheme support.  The Lawyer didn't really provide much to my Justice crew aside from being a durable minion who gave out some hard to wound which felt unnecessary with all my other buffs.  In truth I only ran him because I was pumped up by the Lawyer thread on this forum :P  

Played against Ophelia in Corner Depoloyment with Extraction, Claim Jump, Frame for Murder, Accusation, Show of Force, Recover Evidence.

I took Show of Force and Frame for Murder (Emissary), and my opponent had Recover Evidence and Frame for Murder (Francois).  The Emissary taxi for Justice was exceptionally powerful, allowing her to get into a prime position to start attacking while buffed to the gills.  Thalarian Stone was being used as a portable Francisco to help buff Lady J's base Defense when paired with her Defensive :+fate:+fate from the Guardian.  I didn't have great luck with getting high Masks in hand, but it definitely helped her dodge some blows from the Lucky Emissary and other assorted melee threats she would otherwise have had trouble with.  I think it was worth it with the Guardian and a large cache, but I really just need to buy the Perdita box and get Franc.

The only thing I felt like I was really missing was Promises, although with the Emissary and needing Judge to out of activation bury Justice and pull the Emissary around in the first turn or so, and needing at least some defensive support for Justice, you really run out of points fast for Sidir or Queeg.  I love the Hunter out on the flank.  Stalking around and disrupting the enemy, he is also a great minion to be inspired.  

ended up winning 10-8, although I easily could have gotten 10-6 but I forgot about a sneaky bayou gremlin hiding in a cave. who managed to score two cheeky points.

Overall I really enjoyed the added mobility the Emissary added onto Lady Justice and her threat range felt massive.  Justice is considerably more terrifying when she doesn't need to charge as often, and can sit back and reap those :+fate damage great sword swings.



Just a bit about Unrelenting Leader.  I usually take this upgrade on Judge, and overall I find it just too good to pass up, even if it is pricey at 2ss.  

The big thing is that Judge will not always be in the best position to whack something with his swordgun, it might be that a different model, like a Guardian, Executioner, or even a Death Marshal is in a better spot to take advantage of a 1 ml action.  The fact that Judge can spend a soulstone or :tome from his hand to take the action again and generate a second ap either on the same model or somewhere else is just icing on the cake.  

The extra defense against Will Power assaults is also really nice when it comes up.  Just don't forget that your Witchlings may have trouble removing conditions from a stubborn Judge... so Numb to the World is probably a good call as well if you are worried about those.

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