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50ss GG 2017 Tournament in Tacoma, WA 1/28


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Good Day all,

Sorry for the short notice on this one, I thought I had posted this already but apparently it got lost in the void somewhere. 

We will be hosting a one day tournament at TerraCrux Games in Tacoma, WA this Saturday January 28th 2017 to begin our new tournament season!

The tournament will be 50ss Fixed Faction using the Gaining Grounds 2017 Schemes & strategies(I believe this first in our area to do so, great chance to see how your crews work in this new environment).  

Registration will begin around 11:30 with the first round going off at 12:00(assuming most things go according to plan) 

Entry will be $10 a person and will go fully back into prize support.

There are NO painting requirements

We will run 3 rounds to hopefully get everyone home at a decent time.

Schemes & Strats are as follows:

Round 1:

Close Deployment
Strat: Headhunter

  • Claim Jump
  • Dig their Graves
  • Leave your Mark
  • Show of Force
  • Last Stand

Round 2:

Standard Deployment

Strat: Stake a Claim

  • Claim Jump
  • Frame for Murder
  • Accusation!
  • Search the Ruins
  • Tail-em


Round 3

Corner Deployment

Strat: Squatter's Rights

  • Claim Jump
  • Leave your Mark
  • Frame for Murder
  • Eliminate the Leadership
  • Hidden Trap

For more information or any questions feel free to message me or pop over to the "Breaching the Emerald City" facebook group.

We have a fairly new community that is trying a lot of new things so feel free to come down and join in on the fun.  

We are planning to have an event every month this year so if you can't make it to this one keep a look out for next month!

Hope to see folks there!

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