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Next Model for Lucius and Mimics?


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So my girlfriend and me started down the Malifaux road, Viks for me and Lucius for her. She likes the Neverborn stuff a lot, and I wanted some advice on what to add to the Lucius starter. She thinks the Changelings look pretty sweet, and the Doppelganger is neat too, but will they have effective actions to copy from the starter models?

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Not...really. Lucius' base box lacks offensive power, even if you get the 2017 errata to improve Captain Dashel's gun. (Technically the errata/upgrade card is Guild faction only and unable to be taken into Neverborn, but I personally would not disallow the upgrade being hired with him. It feels like the additions were simply missing from his base card all along.) Dashel himself needs better guardsmen than the guild guard to boost to be worthwhile, so the next logical box might be a guardsman: austringers for LoS ignoring fun, maybe a guild pathfinder if you want to play with blast damage, or wardens if you would like a sturdier guardsman who can take a hit (you'll find guild guard can't do that either, not against the Viktorias box models...but then, Taelor will trash the wardens also. Hm. Ok, forget the wardens for now.)

Viktorias place, and I don't have the changeling's card on hand to know whether or not they pounce when something places into the long range of the gun they're copying. Or the lawyers' long range. If pounce triggers on place effects, having a nest of changelings sue the incoming Viktoria with enough self-damage-when-damaging debuffs to attack once and drop dead...well, as someone who's suffered from a Viks slingshot, I'd laugh. :D 

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Luckily my girlfriend loves the Austringers' concept as well, and the recent errata for Lucius definitely helps with them. Compared to the Viktorias, I definitely felt that the Guild was lacking in offense, but I wasn't sure if that was because I was comparing them to the Viktorias or if the starter models were that iffy.

Looking at a summary of the Surprise ability, it seems it doesn't work on places. Though I certainly fear the Lawyers. Only a lucky (from my point of view, at least) Black Joker saved Viktoria from Fees in our last game…

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The doppelganger can copy actions from enemy non-masters as well so I would imagine she could have fun copying the henchwoman Viktoria and Taelor if there are no friendlies worth the trouble.

The doppleganger is also one of the few models I know who might even survive a Viktoria charge with some luck (make enemy ml attacks have negatives with he action and take the upgrade from Lucius' box that allows you to discard cards to put enemy attacks on a further negative).

Changelings can copy any action so even if you're only at a stat of 4 you could once again copy attacks from the Viks or Taelor which they should find unpleasant.

Apart from your own suggested models I would also imagine that one of the more expensive neverborn beaters would be nice to have a decent counter attack at the ready and to have a good attack of your own to copy.

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