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Create a Thematic Unit

Capt Jack

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Now that the wait has begun for the delivery of the game, I thought it would be interesting to see what kind of fun, thematic units people can come up with for KE. What themes or sub-themes would you like to see added to further flesh out the faction? What kind of units would that include?

For example, I'd like to see a sub-theme develop around illegal magic and espionage. A resurrectionist secretly under the employ of the crown, but publicly known as a terrorist. She works closely with infiltrators to cause havoc behind enemy lines with her use of the undead. Rules wise she should be a support type commander giving buffs to infiltration units and having the ability to summon undead that tend to explode upon contact with the enemy (because why not?)


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Ooh, good idea! Here's what I've been thinking;


Combat Engineers;

These soldiers are equipped for supporting the King's Armies through both the construction (and demolition) of entrenchments and other groundworks. In-game these squads would be able to remove (or at least neutralise) nearby hazardous terrain as well as "fortify" objective markers by making them hazardous to enemy units. For close encounters they're equipped with, of course, shotguns. ;)


Mobile Infantry

I'm less clear on this one, but I like the idea of introducing a squad with a combined arms titan for Kassa Doyle to support in the Kings Empire. Emphasis would be on mobility and shooting over resiliance, so maybe a Transport-type Mini-titan with a mounted gunner, that can rapidly redeploy it's squad on a rush order?


Colonial Troops

Being Australian I am, of course, very keen on the idea of some Colonial representation in the Kings Empire. But I think a great way to represent this would actually be via an asset that can be attached to certain squads. Such an asset could give them a boost to their Df, Wp and/or Ar, (being from hardier stock) but at the cost of losing the Empire-wide abilities "Rapid Maneuvering" and "The British Army" (since they're unruly colonials ;) ).

Actualy, you could instead make it an "Envoys from the Colonies" card, only accesible to Kings Empire Companies. So they take up your allies slot, but Kings Empire units hired as Envoys get a bonus/penality like the ones mentioned above. 

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