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Kraken commissions


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Hi guys. I'm new to the world of wyrd miniatures but love the figures. 

I run a small painting studio in the sunny depths of the Devon coast line in the uk. 

Im looking to expand my portfolio with likes a mailifaux and such as I love the figures. I've recently just finished doing a special offer for guild balls minis where I did a team of ten figures for £50 of which I'm going to be running the same offer here for malifaux.

the models act as the deposit so money is paid up front. Once the commission is complete payment is made for both the service and postage and I send them to you. 

My work can be found here. https://en-gb.facebook.com/Krakenminiaturepainting/ 

and I've also attached just a couple shots of my work. If you don't fancy a commission but end up visiting the site please do like and share, would mean the world to me, thanks guys and hopefully I don't upset the admins with this post!! Happy gaming guys and hopefully speak to you soon.



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