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Syndicate Options? Warning: Wild speculation

Xavian and Deathgrip

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Well, we recently got shown Nguyen, and how syndicates will work, you hire a representative champion (who gives you tactics tokens) and gain access to their forces, however said representative is not a commander and will cost you 3 scrip. A pretty good deal if you ask me. Personally I wonder what unit options that we will be given, I cannot say for certain, but I would guess:

-1 Representative (Nguyen and Thrace)

-1 backbone squad (ex: Royal Rifle corps, The Warped, Steel Legion, Stripped Skulkers)

-1 "elite" squad (ex: Imperial Dragoons, ECB black ops, Mehal Sefari, Karkinoi)

-1 "filler" squad (ex: Crow Runners, Infiltrators, Broken, Spotted Crawlers)

I doubt they will give you access to a titan due to the rules of assets, and that probably means that adjuncts are unlikely as well. Which is unfortunate, Guild Accountants as adjuncts would be amazing.

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I think having a squad built around the Ghost rule could be very interesting.  Maybe have 2 Fireteams of 3 models each (to balance out the possibility of shutting down all damage) of ghosts for hire, could go with making them lesser versions of Binh and make them so-so in melee with :pulse and Area attacks that risk hurting your non Court models if used in bad positions.  Or make them big nasty beaters, that could be fun too.  Making something that both the Cult and the Hordes want might be tricky though, they both have fairly different gaps in what's available.

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I think Thraces rule indicates we will be getting Syndicate specific units. She has an ability that makes a Fireteam perform an attack, and if it's a Syndicate (Earth) unit, it gets a bonus. Plus they said this:


Her powerful Modified Axe can do some damage, and the card discard is a nice bonus effect to maintain a solid advantage of your enemy. She also has a nice ability to make another Fireteam attack, and, if they are Guild, they gain a bonus.

Considering she's the only Guild model, and Unique, I'd say we're going to see Syndicate units.

Can't wait to see what they cook up for the Court of Two. Kirai style ghost warriors would be an awesome addition to fish monsters and twisted magical mutants.

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Whilst I don't think it's going to happen for many moons, I really hope they flesh out the syndicates so they have the option to taken as a stand-alone company, much like how M1E's henchmen became masters in M2E. 

This is all a long way off though.

In the meantime, I think the 1x


Cheaper squad (maybe 2*5 fireteams?) 

Elite squad (standard 3*3)

Maybe another solo model?

Maybe a third squad?

Is a good guess.

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As the court of two is lead by a Doppleganger, having a Doppleganger adjunct could be awesome.

It could do crazy tricky things like being an adjunct you add to an enemy unit for disruption, be an adjunct where you put it face down in a few different squads and flip it up to reveal itself for effects.

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