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Without knowing much about the strategems and whatnot, I've been making some generalist lists with my favourite models!

Here goes:

Adeodatus +25

  • Arcane Tomb -1
  • A Meomory Stirs -1

Horomatangi +22

  • Flaming Breath -1
  • Corona of Flame -1
  • Hovering Portal -1

Cinnamon - 3

  • Corona of Flame -1

1 The Warped -9

  • Raving Madman -1

1 Twisted Horrors -8

1 Doomseekers -7

1 Stalking Portals -3

1 Goryshche -8

  • Mighty Tail -1
  • Bad Breath -1
  • Writhing Coils 0

Some strategem ideas - first turn will probably be The Burning Man descends, then From The Aether turn 2... After that, who knows!





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Seems pretty good!  For Assets I think I'd try something more like this: Adeodatos - Hovering Portal, A Memory Stirs; Horomatangi - Arcane Tome, Flaming Breath, Uncanny Instincts; Goryshche - Snapping Head, Splitting Tails, Fast Regeneration.  But I can really see myself playing Horo pretty aggressively lol, and the Goryshche getting to move after going through a Portal sounds really handy.

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Here's a rough idea of what I'm thinking:


Adeodatos +2 (for Assets)
Fenton Brahms +2 (for Assets)

Noodle Wyrm - 8+3 (for Assets)

Warped - 9
Stalking Portals - 3
Broken - 5
Doomseekers - 7
Twisty Horrors - 8

Cinnamon - 3


This involves adding Cinnamon and probably a couple more breachlings to my pledge. Which is alot of money. :P I'd like to cram a Raving Madman in there somewhere too (probably by downgrading one of the assets to a 0-cost one), but otherwise that's the plan. 

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I am probably going to wait until court models are revealed and use half my scrip to bring some of those along with me, but the other half will probably be:

Fenton Brahms +25

-Arcane Tome -1

-Relics of Old Malifaux -1

Horomontagi +22

-Hovering Portal -1

-Flaming Breath -1

-Toughness -1

Goryshce -8

-Bad Breath -1

-Splitting Tails -1

-Writhing Coils 0

ECB black ops -10

Stalking portals -3 (notice how on the card it specifies models in this company, meaning court models can use portals!)

Bingh Nguyeh -3

-Corona of Flame -1

Toughness 0

Scrip remaining: 15

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2- Adeo ( hovering, memory)

4- Fenton  (uncanny, arcane, hovering)

8+3- hydra (snapping, splitting tail, fast regen)

16- Warped x2

3- Flaming Rhino

1- Doomseekers

1- Broken


I figure this company will try to max portal generation with tactics. As such I tried to include several card draw mechanics to keep my hand decent and cycle cards that I need. As I'm moving units through the portals the doomseekers will pull them back allowing them to reposition  where they need to go. Pretty sure that 5 move for the hydra will need to get more specific rulling otherwise I'll try to bounce it off portals during its 10inch non gloried move. I will passively be reinforcing squads as they move into/out of combat as well with 2x hoverings. broken are there to just tie stuff down trying to get to the doomseekers and can support card draw.

I'm curious how it will play on table top so def need to try it out.


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I haven't had time yet to think too much about lists, particularly since I haven't gotten proxy bases yet / seen if anyone in the Kansas City area is currently a backer and will be involved in playtesting (I sure hope so though), but I'm thinking that the Black Ops team will be a player in most lists I build, solely because of their ability to deploy forward and really threaten anything that steps out of the enemy deployment with a move + shoot. That should help constrain their movements at least on the first turn.

From there, I'm honestly unsure what melee units I'll be taking, of the Warped/Broken/Twisted Horrors, all seem attractive in their own way in terms of flinging into the enemy frontlines, and jamming them up for the heavy hitters (see: Gory and Cinnamon) to come in.

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That is one thing I really like about the Squads, even looking at the mostly melee units they're not all the same - The Warped can teleport themselves and enemies around, The Broken can do some card draw and deck cycling for bonus effects on their abilities, and Twisted Horrors are a melee/ranged hybrid with a deck cycling focus.

The ECB Black Ops are going to be a unit I really want to try out.  Between them not having a melee attack without going to Glory and them being the most expensive hire in faction, they're giving up a fair bit for a very flexible deployment, amazingly strong guns (seriously, Strength 7 against a decked out Titan or Strength 6 and Accurate against a decked out Commander sounds great), and the potential of doing random Strength 4 hits against your opponent's entire army if placed correctly and you can find those :ram's in your deck.  Though, the biggest thing I'm concerned about is that if one of the ECB Black Ops goes through a Portal, as written I'm pretty sure the entire Squad would get sucked through as well whether you want it to or not and even if one Fireteam's on the other end of the map.  I'm very interested in seeing how they actually do in game.

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