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Tara and NB questions


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1. No.   Pull the Void is an attack action, so Tara can't use it on herself.

2. Close.   Soulstone damage prevention is the very last thing to be done, so in your scenario you would Half the damage via Incorporeal, then reduce via armor and "the world is empty", THEN throw soulstones at the problem.

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Which I did in a extraction game vs lynch and a fully killy crew. 

The nothing beast took the laughs of the malifaux community for a long time, being called squishy and a glass cannon.

2017 the nothing beast looks at a 6 dmg Lynch cast  and says: armor 2, dead of winter -1dmg for a card,  Soulstone prevent (I flipped an 11) and says: Thanks for 0 damage buddy!  --> and he ignored incoporeal...

And then I realized void shield was still up. =D


A normal melee attack will result in 0 dmg to the nothing beast and a counter attack to the attacker most of the time. 


Card draw is actually good with tara now (scion). Discarding cards to prevent damage down to 0 is really really solid. 

Drawing cards to stay at 1-3 cards to prevent often is worth. 


A fast nothing beast with decaying aura and void shield, dropped into the face of the enemy is a nightmare. (graveyard spirit and yin (my litte helper) are his new best friends btw)

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