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Anit-Scheme runners


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With more scheme needing markers I am seeing more scheme runners I want to stop.  Last night the PM did a nice job neutralizing one, but then had to run from him and could not stop the second.  I then had to divert Nekima, who took care of it but that is a lot of points.  Lets say you see covert breakthrough and leave your mark in the pool, what are some good value anti-scheme runners?

I think that the 7 SS knights might be good, tanky, psudo lure, but I have not tired them.  Other thoughts?



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Agree with all, but most are expensive.  When I look at outcast for example, the bandido at 5 stones does a great job at taking down scheme runners.  PM does a nice job on one runner too for even less.  What about Bloodwretchs?  5 stones, walk 6, hit sorta hard?  Anyone try them as anti-scheme runners?  Not sure they could handle a necro punk, but very few things can. 

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Oh, a unit that slipped my mind until just now. Bunraku have some really solid anti runner tools, imo. At least on paper, i've never actually tried them but might be worth looking into.


Solid melee attack

a ranged action that pulls models to them with a solid CA and trigger to stab them after

 a 0 action to gain focus and a trigger to add an automatic mask to their next CA action

Should also be fast enough to get in range to pull runners to them.

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1 minute ago, santaclaws01 said:

Bloodwretches are decent scheme hunters as well.

For the same points I often prefer the insidious madness, but the fact that is the opponent does not have scheme runners the Bloodwretches and do it is only a bonus.

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I have found that a Friekorps Trapper at 7ss and a Doppleganger at 7ss makes a nice anti-scheme runner / ranged attack option to my lists. it is a little pricey but has a lot of benefits and at a min 14"/ max 28" you can get some enemy scheme runners before they even get close to position.

-Other than that you could use corrupted hounds (2 for 6ss)

-I think an important thing to consider is not taking a model for a singular purpose unless necessary, a 7ss model that can perform well in 2 or more roles is well worth the cost.

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20 hours ago, goth said:

PM is being mentioned more than I thought - Dopple can Nullify three targets a turn with a :tome and is MUCH harder to put down to remove the nullz.

So can Pandora with the fugue state upgrade... put all that in the same crew ?

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Also, something to remember:

While 7ss may seem like a lot "just" to neutralize scheme runners, that's how you win the game.  Legitimately, spending 1/3-1/2 your points stopping schemes is worth it if there are enough schemes that require markers.  In a game that maxes out at 10 VP, spending 15 ss to remove 3-6 of those from contention is a great use of your SS.  I get that stopping scheme runners feels like a chore, but denying VP is the way you keep ahead. ;)  

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