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MAGE - 15-16th July 2017


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So I've bitten the bullet and booked the hall and will be running another slightly off the wall Malifaux event in the hall just around from my house again this year.  In the the past we have had 4M, MCC and MOTH so this year we have MAGE - Mikes Annual Gaming Extravaganza

I didn't run one last year as I couldn't think of a decent hook but a chance conversation has given me the idea for this years which will be BlindboxFaux.  Basically when you turn up you will get a random crew box, random enforcer box and random minion box. There will then be a brief trading period and after that, what you've got will be your crew for the weekend .  You have to get it built by first game Saturday morning and then it will be away you go.  There will be painting prizes as well for those real tryhards :)

Over the weekend you'll play enforcer brawls, standard 50ss games and probably a doubles as well.  

There will be achievements to get, objectives to obtain and all the sort of silliness that I've done at previous events.  There may even be party hats.

More details nearer the time but to get you started ...


When - Its going to be held on the 15-16th July 2017.  We will have access to the hall from around 2pm on the Friday to set up get crews etc. and I'm, sure some pickup games can be arranged as well as well as board games aplenty

Where - We will be holding it in the same venue as my previous events, the hall just around the corner from my house. Postcode is NR15 2LD if you want to see how far into the wilds of Norfolk you will have to venture.

Where can I stay - There is a B&B 200 yards from the village hall that has 9 rooms (1 Single, 4 Doubles, 4 Twins) Prices start at £25 a night. You are also welcome to camp in my garden if you have all the relevant equipment - this is always a good laugh. Despite being in Norfolk the B&B has a website at http://www.southnorf...esthouse.co.uk/  Camping really adds to the atmosphere of the event so its your thing please do.

How many players - This is going to be a very different type of event, and as you all get to walk away with a crew I'm going to have to restrict the numbers to an absolute maximum of 28.

How do I get a ticket - Tickets will cost the princely sum of £20 and will be on sale soon.  I will be operating a priority system that lets folks who have supported these events in the past get first dibs


Right thats enough I think for an initial post.  If you've been to one of our events before you know what to expect, if not then be prepared for a Malifaux experience like no other.


Make sure you put it in your diary

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11 minutes ago, Mr Janje said:

When you say a random crew box, Minion box and enforcer box, i presume you'll have paired them all up according to faction before hand?

Or is their a risk of me getting a Pandora Crew Box, Guild Guard box and then a Yin The Penangalan enforcer box :P?

no they will be in faction.  And there is 0% chance of anyone getting a pandora box


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Currently this is the list of masters that will be in the random picks.  Might change slightly but on the whole this is how it will be

  • Guild: Lady Justice,Lucius,Hoffman,Perdita
  • Arcanist: Marcus,Mei Feng,Rasputina,Colette Du Bois
  • Resurrectionist: Yan Lo,McMourning (well duh!),Seamus,Molly
  • Neverborn: Collodi,Dreamer,Lynch,Lilith
  • Outcast: Von Schill,Jack Daw,Parker Burrows,Tara
  • 10 Thunders: Misaki,McCabe,Shenlong,Brewmaster
  • Gremlins: Mah Tucket,Zoraida,Ulix,Somer

Duel faction masters will be played as the faction they are grouped with and will get access to minion and enforcer boxes from those factions. 

There will be a single box of generalist upgrades (1 and 2) available for the weekend. :)

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