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Misaki and Von Shill gg2017


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Been dusting off my collection these past few weeks and one of the groups of figures i would like to play with is my outcast collection.

Since I didn't see a recent thread on misaki (ill admit to not looking all that hard ;p ) i thought i ask what some thoughts and suggestions on her are. Also i have a small VS crew of the old metals, just added the steam trunk and will prob pick up a few things like Hanna, Anna, Lazarus...


As for misaki does she cover some of the strats/schemes that von shill might not be good into? Does she like to play with some of the last blossum models from TT? ( i have a bunch of tt stufff like oiran, misaki's box, Yamaziko)


or does she fill a very similare role to VS? I ask b/c i have them both:)

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von Schill plays more of a denial game.  Bit of healing, armour and hard to kill means they can hold the board.  Resisting to blast damage, condition removal...means it can be hard to screw with them.


Misaki is a missile, a killer.  she probably overlaps more with the Viks, but with a different approach to being a missile.  And harder to kill than the Viks.  vS has more synergy with his models than Misaki does. 

There is the idea that vS doesn't do anything brilliantly, while Misaki can be daunting to face.  I think that vS is easy to play, hard to play well - while Misaki is easy to play and easy to do well. 

I've had the metal vS for a long time.....but I couldn't find the steam trunk anywhere so I just bought the damn box set again :P

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Von schill and Misaki can operate similarly, or put to use the charge augments they both possess, but the similarities end there. VS really shines with extraction and guard the stash as he will get to keep his crew near by and make them much stronger in the process. Misaki with access to models that can abuse smoke and shadows like jorogumo can really abuse any missteps the opponent takes and remove any models when they present themselves. I'd say she is a stronger player in interference for that reason. They are both very capable masters though!

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