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[Finland] Slow grow/achievement league in Helsinki from February to May


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I will be organizing yet another Malifaux slow grow/achievement league in Helsinki, Finland. You can find the registration, rules and more info in Finnish here.

Even though the rules and everything else is in Finnish, our players are quite mature and able to communicate in English too, so we also welcome non-Finnish speaking players, if anyone wants to join. Heck, I even promise to translate the rules into English if someone wants to join and doesn't understand Finnish.

The main venue for playing is the youth activity center in Hietaniemi, but people are allowed to agree to play their games elsewhere as well. We are always hoping to get as many new players to join as possible, so previous familiarity with Malifaux is not a requirement. The rules of the league have also been written with beginners in mind and most of the prizes will be raffled based on participation and painting.

Just drop me a message if you have questions about rules or anything, or would like a demo game.

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