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Randomfaux III - a Vassal-based league

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Welcome to Randomfaux III, a vassal-based league where fates are twisted and your path may lead to something entirely new!


The concepts behind Randomfaux are to try out something new and make the most out of an unfamiliar toolbox, therefore growing as players and getting a peek to the other side of the fence where “those strict guildies/ fragrant ressers/anarchic arcs/mischievous neverborn/damn mercs/tiny green boozers/sneaky asians” reside. ;)


When you sign up for the league, you will be asked to provide with a list of the masters you own (or play, in the case of an applicant owning most masters). After that, you will be assigned a master at random while any of your previously listed masters will be excluded from the randomization. The master you receive will be the master you play for the whole league. Each participant get a single “reflip” in the randomization, meaning that you can ask the the organizer (yours truly) to randomize again for you. You will have to abide the second result of the randomization.


Then you will have time until the day before the start of the league to prepare a roster of 80ss worth of models and upgrades. The games will be at 50ss following normal rules, except that you may only choose models and upgrades from the roster. When creating the roster, you will pay for duplicates of models and upgrades, but you do not have to pay for summoned models. You do pay an extra soulstone for mercenaries, and any upgrades changing a model’s cost are not taken into account when recruiting to the roster.


As noted above, the league is played in the Vassal program. The program is free and rather simple to learn. You are not required to have any experience with the program, and there will be opportunities for any who wishes to get an introduction to the program via skype (or other method of online communication). Method of communication for the individual games is left to the agreement of the players (skype tends to be the common choice).


The league will begin on monday January 23, and will be played in four games. The participants’ rosters shall have been sent to the organizer during saturday 21 at the latest. Participants may send the rosters to the organizer (still yours truly) in a PM here on the forums, or a PM via facebook (link to the group can be found below).


On the first day of the league, matchups will be posted in this thread and in the group on facebook. Deployment, strategy, schemes and vassal map will be announced at the same time. Each game has a time limit of two weeks, meaning that you have a  period of two weeks to organize a game with your opponent and report the results to the organizer via PM on the forums or on facebook. If all games have been completed before the time is up, the organizer may choose to announce the next round ahead of schedule.



The league will use strategies and schemes from Gaining Grounds 2017, and the scoring system as well (with the exception of changing tournament points to league points).



While not guaranteed, it might occur that participants live in different time zones. Hopefully, this won’t cause any major problems since you can split games over multiple sessions of needed via the saving function in Vassal. Also, some flexibility can be arranged in the case of schedule incompatibility. If any problems do occur, please contact me.


Questions and/or applications are made here, via PM or in the Facebook group. You will be considered as signed up for the league when you have been randomized a master. I hope you will want to join us in the madness that will ensue! :lol:




The facebook group can be found here:


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