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Lucius: Huntmaster (Brainstorm)


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I've idly pondered doing a huntsman conversion for Lucius for a while now, and I think I'm close to putting the shopping list together for it, but before I do, I'd like some outside input.

The project is inspired by Lucius' Secret Assets upgrade, which reminded me of the huntsman and his crossbow from 10th Kingdom (the crossbow always kills something whenever its fired, spoiler: like the huntsman's own son). With Lucius-friendly Fae minions hitting the scene, it seemed the correct time to put him together.

I don't find much in need of changing with his regular outfit, with his high-cut boots, but the sleeves don't seem appropriate. I was already planning to grab the Exorcist box for the over-the-shoulder crossbow, so I'll just nab a pair of their gauntlet length gloves too. The wig is a bit much, so I'm taking the mask display from The Scribe's plate and using that for Lucius' head (which, of course, means cutting the lower wig from the top of his cape). 

We're not done yet with the Exorcist box, because every fantasy huntsman requires a jaunty hunting cap! I'll remove a hat from one of the poor Exorcists, cut a bit of the brim off and scuplt the brim to the side of the crown and sweeping backward, as per Errol Flynn. 

Finish up with somme woodland basing and it's ready for primer. What do you think?

As a companion model, I could have The Scribe holding up Lucius' sword cane, paint his suit in something more rustic and maybe pull the other set of Exorcist gloves for a matching look. A bowler wouldn't be far off either.

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If this is necromancy, I am most sorry.  I hope a year has not quashed this very interesting idea. Do you have any updates?

I associate the Fae of this world with hunting in my mind too, likely by way of elf-shot  and the greenwood-- ''we dare not go a-hunting for fear of little men'' and partly from dim memories of a book -- I think by Terry Pratchett -- in which the elves hunt men (read in my aunt's library nearly fifteen years ago -- Lords and Ladies?).

P.S. -- This really ought not to detract from Masquer's work, but I include my own thoughts on Lucius and hunting: perhaps someone would be interested?

I confess if I imagine Lucius as a huntsman, it would be either on horseback in the scarlet coat, top-hat and white breeches of the Quorn and Pytchley Hunt (a deliberate abuse of language, the two are entirely separate, but a slight modification for the world of Malifaux) or, if on foot, the green coat, white breeches, green stockings and coloured collar of a good beagling pack -- you can get good pictures of the rather different brown velvet of the Eton beagles on the internet, also of the collar-flashes of other packs) -- a bob-wig akin to a barrister's and a crop in one hand with a scarred whipper-in and a brace of Guild Hounds to hunt down his quarry.

In the faery case the predominant colour ought definitely to be green, being both accurate and folkloric.

If anyone wanted to model a Malifaux hunt -- most would need to be sculpted from scratch -- it would be a fascinating diorama, --  Lucius on a fine horse, a grand lady riding side-saddle, the  Scribe carrying on his tray the silver stirrup-cups and a suitably nasty and badly scarred whipper-in with a pack of deformed and vicious hounds (the description of the Guild Hounds indicates considerable aberrancies of behaviour and appearance as a result of exposure to the malignity of Breachside over several generations, Crossroads p. 29).

A similarly gruesome set, on foot, could be the Malifaux Beagles, with Lucius on foot with a whip, a huntsman, another aristocrat looking down  at the hounds and a mauled corpse in a Badlands ditch -- not clearly human, but it certainly never was a hare.*

Either of these would work very well with faery huntsmen replacing aristocrats: elegant, eyeless lords of the Autumn Court parting to reveal, of all things, the neat figure, velvet-green coat  and spotless white stock, wig and gold stock pin of Lucius Mattheson (nothing so vulgar as a Soulstone...). Shock and then a slow, agonising death. It would have been better if the Hounds had devoured you.


It should be noted I have never studied the rules as I live in a very remote place and my interest is aesthetic, so I have no idea how useful any of this actually is! However, you did mention brainstorming so I've imposed on you with everything I can think of.

* Not implying that the aristocracy of Malifaux regularly hunt humans -- that would be too far (or not..., there is at least rumour of the hunting of the native Tasmanians by the colonial grandees). Setting that aside, even then it is just possible that (subtly led into decadence by the Secretary) the pack might be unkennelled on a fleeing Arcanist and the young debauchees would follow. The Fae, of course, have no such scruples...

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