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What are the odds we'll see changes to the unit names? Not counting Commanders, we have 10 units available. Of those 10, 3 have "crawler" in the name and 3 are "[noun]ed [verb]ers" (plus a fourth "[noun]ed [noun]"), including two different "[noun]ed Crawlers".

Far from the end of the world, of course, but I'd rather see more "Yarazi" and "Karkinoi" style names.

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I don't mind the ...ers... it seems to fit a lot of them.

That said Karkinoi is cool!  comes from here I believe Karkinoi is the plural:


Also, they're used in D&D


Whelks are also awesome as they're based off a real animal!  It's the mighty sea snail!  Google it!

No idea what Yarazi are... If anyone could track those down that would be awesome!


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