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Team tournament format

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We want to organise a interclub tournament in our region and we were looking at using some WTC like rules. I looked up but there are no rules and looks like the event supposed to happening in 2016 did not.

I was wondering if someone can suggest a format for the tournament since the way you build armies in malifaux kinda defeat the general idea behind the other team tournament strategies, pairing people based on the list played.

Maybe is it possible to make people declare 2 different masters but it is enough? While in other games armies are built to play around other armies, in malifaux armies are mostly built to play around schemes.

How will you choose a format to make pairing strategies relevant?

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Uhm i looked at it and I'm not convinced. I don't think our players are interchangeable with the factions. I wouldn't have any idea how to play another faction for example.

But this gave me a idea.

A team present a list of factions. Then 4 different schemes and strategies will be generated.

Teams will secretly assign factions (and players) to the module. Then players and factions are revealed.

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