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"Hybrid" Dreamer


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Hi all,

I've been getting into Dreamer lately and was wondering if the changes to lucid dreaming had prompted anyone else to try a different playstyle. Would it be workable to run a Dreamer build that used both Tantrum and Dreams of Pain? You don't get the waking increase from Restless Dreams, but using summoning in a more limited way and combining it with a WP based sh seems doable. Pop in three stitched, shoot once, accomplice to a stitched. Then again....9ss of upgrades. Thoughts?

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Summoning Dreamer is still very viable and powerful. You get the +:mask on all casting till you cast Manifest Nightmares, so you can summon a Daydream then summon a manifest model, then either burn a stone for the suit or if you have a high mask card in hand use that.  I think trying to mix his play style up puts him in too much danger without enough protection. Dreamer is known to die to a brisk magical wind or some blasts. His tactical actions are amazing for support though, he can give teddy fast and let him get 4 attacks off (flurry + fast AP) to kill almost anything in the game in one action, possibly even 2 models as I've done with the Teddy+Baby Kade duo.

Do try new things and see how you like using him most though, different players will visualize the game differently. 

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