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If you could only purchase one addon...


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I'm going Dual Commander Gibbering Hordes and Cult of the Burning Man, so for me, it would have to be Horace! 


Abyssinia - Electrocutioners or one of the Titan squads 

King's Empire - Either Dragoons or Grenadiers

Cult - ECB Black Ops (hopefully we'll get a few free Breathings for the Doomseekers to summon)

Hordes - probably Yarazi (again hopefully a few free Egg Clutches for the Karkinoi) 

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19 hours ago, retnab said:

So now that we all know what everything does, has anyone's perspectives on their "must haves" changed?

Not really. The Twisted Horrors are my favorite unit in the faction so I want those regardless of the rules. 

Mind you if you were forcing me to be practical (ridiculous, I know!), I'd probably start with the Immolated Rhino. I like him alot more now I've seen his rules and he's cheap enough to fill gaps in the list, saving you from messing too much with assets. Raving Madman would be a close second (again, for gap-filling), but I'm hoping we'll hit 300k before tomorrow and we'll get one anyway.

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