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Saturday 13th May 2017 - Heartfaux 4 - YORK

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On the 13th May 2017 I will be running Heartfaux 4. at York Garrison Wargaming Club.  This will be the 4th Heartfaux Charity event with the proceeds going to the British Heart Foundation.  So far from the previous events Chris Holloway and Sam (Secondbreky) have raised over £1400 and I would love to continue this achievement.

It is a fairly standard event of 3 rounds at 50ss per round, fixed faction.

The aim of the event is two fold.

1 - Have fun and play some great games of Malifaux

2 - Raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

Cost of the event is £15, but this doesn't include lunch (same as last year). This will be split to cover room costs, prizes and the rest going to the BHF (aiming for £5 per player donation). Payment details are in the rulespack (make sure you send the money AS A GIFT), and payment is the way the secure your place. Details on how to secure your place are in the rules pack.

Lunch-wise, there's a cafe on site (still sorting out the details for that what will be on offer), but there's also Tescos/KFC/BK/McD within a 5 minute drive.

I'm starting with 32 places, since we have enough tables already at the club and I'll take it from there based on interest. We sold 28 last year, so I'd like to do even better than that this year. I will more than likely need some assistance with terrain however.

Rules pack:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/xvd22p6iktcnpol/Heartfaux 2017 Malifaux Tournament.docx?dl=0

Paid Entrants

1. - Chris Holloway

2. - Peter Sidaway

3. - Nicholas Carpenter

4. - Nathan Chenery

5. - Martin Jones

6. -  Cy Dudley

7. - Dimitri

8. - Greg Piskosz

9. - John Wharton

10. - Aron Thomas

11. - Dan Wartnaby

12. - James Doxey

13. - Dan Haslam

14. - Andrew Carpenter

15. - Mike Marshall

16. - Paul Butler

17. - Steve Wilson

18. - Kai Young

19. - Steve Mcvicar

20. - Jamie Clark

21. - Dave Laing

22. - David Wigley

23. - Robert Ayers

24. - Any Holt

25. - Ross Mason

26. - Robert Hallam

27. - Tom Benstead

28. - Billy Mason

29. - Haydn Smith

30. - Ollie Hedges

31. - Daniel Eatch

32. - Joseph Jackson

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As this is my first event I am running I am going to remove the painting requirement this year, though there will be a prize for best painted crew.

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