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Did a little research on our main man here and found this on the Interwebs:

From my comment on the Kickstarter


It's the Greek form of Adeodatus (a few popes have been named this)
This name derives from the Latin “Adeodatus”, from “Deo / dĕus dăto”, meaning “God-given, given by God”. In turn derives from Proto Indo-European “*deiwos”, meaning “bright, shining, brilliant, blinding”. It is a devotional name, which spread in Christian circles as a thanksgiving to God for the new born. Pope Adeodatus I (died 8 November 618), also called Deodatus I or Deusdedit, was pope from 13 November 615 to 8 November 618.

This sounds awesome! Especially since one of his Assets is A Memory Stirs with an ability called Remnants of the Past.

So from this I think it's pretty safe to say he "God-given" a lot of his powers from the "Burning" Man... I wonder if he actually is Ephraim Wade?

It was then pointed out by Neil that they assumed Ephraim was the prophetic madman locked up in London that the ECB were investigating. So that throws a spanner in that one... Still, Adi being some regular Joe Blogs or somesuch randomly being bestowed with the Burning Man's "divine" power is not too far from what I think we'll see... And if it does turn out to be Ephraim... I called it first!

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I do enjoy the idea of him being the Cult's Pope :P He seems to have a pretty interesting past from what little we know, he was involved (in some way) with the Battle of London, he has some strong connection to the Portals that the Burning Man broke open, and from his unique upgrade "A Memory Stirs...", especially its ability "An Echo Given Flesh" it makes me wonder if he's going to actually be human at all?

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8 hours ago, Rathnard said:

So he's a Crazy Fire Pope? 

Hells yes. :)

This post is just so full of win! I might have to Sig it!  Hmm... How does one create a signature?

Also, I hope pope --> hell was intentional! 

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So, turns out Da Git was 100% correct and Adeodatos is Ephraim!  Very interested to hear more of the story.  I'm wondering if the ECB Black Ops then are the same ECB members who released Ephraim in the first place?

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