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January 2017 Errata

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Wyrdos! Hello! It is time to reveal the January 2017 Malifaux Errata! As I mentioned when I took over Malifaux, the plan is to move away from a bimonthly FAQ and Errata. Instead, we will continue

Great job @Aaron @Mason @Lindsey and team!

For me... Errata > Ton of 0 SS upgrades with adding units just to fix broken things

1 minute ago, fanteegi said:

Sure... collet.. that makes perfect sense.

It's not like she does much else in her activation. :P

Literally every complaint about Colette is about Prompt, this is a fantastic change.

It does however affect other things I like a little negatively but that's bye the bye, overall a great change.

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7 minutes ago, tomjoad said:

I would prefer an M3e to these semi-annual errata. Disseminating the information is way harder than people expect it will be. I'm genuinely disappointed to see this.

Genuine disappointment seems extreme.

But I too find this to be a bit of a problem. It starts to get confusing with so many changed cards.

edit: I guess this only applies for new players that might enter tournaments and are not aware of these changes.

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Now I'm going to have to buy Lucius now, too. His buffs and the Austringer cuddle looks like a great balance. Austringers will take a step back in the "always take 2 always" category to the "maybe one most of the time" which is great for list variety. Franc's cuddle is small but warranted, I like it. Having just traded my Sonnia crew for Raspi I can't help but feel bad for my friend who now has to work around the Papa cuddle. Oops :lol:

No more Nothing Beast in Enforcer Brawl! Welcome to the Henchman Hardcore crowd you tentacly gentleman. 

Belle cuddle has been a loooooooooong time coming, and it is small enough to now make them good for their cost instead of insta-broken cheap. Now if only Oiran get a buff in 2017 ;)

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But seriously, I like this system of annual/biannual tweaks.  Ensures there isn't a huge need to always check for updates, but leaves room for the potential of another rat-engine fix.  Also, huge support for the guardian love.  That is one of my favorite models, and now i'll have more reason to get him on the table.

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1 minute ago, trikk said:

For me...

Errata > Ton of 0 SS upgrades with adding units just to fix broken things

Definitely this...the game will always have some balance issues(either big or small) and I would much rather we were able to acknowledge that and change the cards rather than trying to constantly patch them with new releases.  And it cases like Tara it cleans up so many confusing rules and makes it fit the infiltration pattern already in game.  Overall I'm super pumped for this format

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Looks good! I like the simplification of Tara and buffing of Nothing Beast. I'm pretty scared of Nothing Beast now, in fact - a simple change to take him from the bottom of the pile to the top of the pile (or near the top, at least).

The Rooster cuddle is the only one I consider a bit extreme - certainly something needed doing but I would've preferred lowered Ml and Dg. Still, better this way than nothing, so the complaint is a minor one.

As for the Lenny cuddle - too bad it hits Mah as well as Ophelia and Somer. As Mah didn't need a cuddle and I felt that the Lenny thing made for interesting things with her (less so with Ophelia). Oh well, I've played her lots without Lenny (as I've played Ophelia) so I guess I'll survive :P

But yeah, good stuff!

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