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Parker Barrows

The Teachings of the Burning Man

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Trying to gather all the fluff for the Cult of the Burning Man. If someone knows something I missed, feel free to let me know. Also, feel free theorize. As you will see, I am doing a lot of that.

I'm going to break it down by units.

Adeddatos: He was apparently at the Battle of London.

Fenton Brahms: Probably a cult leader.

Horomatangi: Feeds off of magic energy and went dormant. The Burning Man woke him up. He may or may not be connected The Gibbering Horde prior to the breaches opening up.

Immolated Rhino: His name is Cinnamon. He's a victim of unfortunate circumstance. He is a cuddler.

Breachling: I'm guessing is something that has slipped through what lies between the Breach. When it makes mistakes, it makes them Gloriously.

Goryshche: Not really anything known, but the name is taken from a Russian fairy tale. The story I found, had a hero killing her young and almost slaying her by cutting off all but one head. Then, they made a deal to basically go their own way and not bother each other. She betrayed the deal because she was still outraged over her dead young. The hero then went back on his word figuring the deal was no good since she broke it. In the end, he killed her.

The Broken: They are the people are touched the Burning Man. The magical energies of the Burning Man have not yet "settled" into the person.

Twisted Horrors: They are the Broken who failed to control the magical energies and were consumed by them.

The Warped: The Broken who were able to control that energies and took control of the magic.

Doomseekers: Honestly, they look like they might be followers of the Burning Man who follow through faith rather than being touched by his magic.

ECB Black Ops: A madman was locked up by the British government. When his raving became true, they called in the Extraordinary Cases Bureau to study him and the (presumably) later the Cult of the Burning Man. My question is, are they there to study the man(wo)men or have they gone native?

Stalking Portals: I'm guessing things similar to the Breachling, but they aren't strong enough to make it through.

Raving Madman: The name says it all.

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From Fenton's fluff info:

Doomseekers - "Those who join the Cult with some measure of magical aptitude usually join the ranks of the Doomseekers"

Fenton - "Fenton joined the Cult with a little more than "some measure"."

So we can kind of see from this that Fenton is a super Doomseeker maybe?  Not sure what that means yet...

I like the theory of the branches of the Broken/Warped/Twisted Horrors. With The Broken being those touched my the magic of the Burning Man, The Warped being those who can control it and The Twister Horrors being those who can't.

ECB Black Ops look super interesting!  Which side are they on? Deep cover agents, but still loyal to the King or did they get too deep into what they were investigating and turned maybe? Becoming what they most feared?

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