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26th August "Under the Hanging Tree - The Path to Salvation"

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Ibuywargames 2017 Tournaments will be held at the Woking conservative club. We have plenty of space to run a large event. 

4 Rounds of 120mins using 50 Soulstones.


Entry is £15. To enter please pay on Ibuywargames events page on our website. A list of entrants is posted on the Wyrd forum and Facebook.


Prizes will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd, Best in Faction, Best Painted Crew Judges Choice, Best Painted Totem Players choice, Wooden Spoon. As well as a raffle.


Crews and models that are entered for the painting completion will need to be left out during lunch so people can get a look and choose the one they want to vote for.

Event Tickets


Ticket Bundle



Paid & Attending

1) George hollingdale

2) Tom Thorpe 

3) Jonathan Redmond 

4) Ben Leslie

5) Conor McNama

6) Marcus Rose

7) Ross Baker

8) Jamie Mathews

9) Matt Lewin

10) Jamie Varney

11) Chris Goff

12) Wayne Smith

13) Ben Sime

14) Dave Brown

15) Nick Featherstone

16) James Henley

17) Chris Draper

18) Simon Burt

19) Johnathon Stokes

The venue is has moved. This event will now be held at Ibuywargames, Woking. 


56 Chertsey Road





Schedule for the Day

9:00 Check in

9:30 Round one

11:40 Round two

13:40 Lunch

14:40 Round three

16:50 Round four

19:00 Prizes


Strats are as follows;

Round 1 – Guard the Stash, Standard Deployment

Round 2 – Stake a Claim, Flank Deployment

Round 3 - Reckoning, Close Deployment

Round 4 – Interference, Standard Deployment




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Hi guys.

Having issues with uploading a tournament pack but have added a load of info to the main post including an up to date attendance list. Let me know if you need to know anything else!


We have sourced more fans! The doors will be open from the start of the event, in an attempt to keep everyone cooler. We have arranged for the bar to be open all day for refreshments. The venue have said they may be able to do food, I will keep you posted!

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Hey Red,


Apologises this is the event i paid for but was actually meant to be for the March one and i swapped my ticket. I am at a wedding that day, but will be registering for the October one next month :)

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19 minutes ago, Hollingydale said:

You'll have to fight our fledgling, Chris, for it!

Your team was looking a little sparse on numbers.....8)


  • Haha 1

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12 hours ago, Clousseau said:

What's the parking like for the store, and will you still be running 4 rounds?

There is a multi storage carpark right next to the shop so is literally a 1 to 2 minute walk

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