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Saturday 17th June - "Under the Hanging Tree - Strength of the Fallen"

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Ibuywargames 2017 Tournaments will be held at the Woking conservative club. We have plenty of space to run a large event. 

4 Rounds of 120mins using 50 Soulstones.

We will have our usual prize support of trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Best Painted, Best in Faction and a Wooden spoon.

We will also be having a raffle of mystery boxes and cards from Wyrd.

Ticket price is £15 or £50 if you buy our special bundle including a ticket to all 4 of our events.

Event Tickets



Paid & Attending
1) George Hollingdale
2) Tom Thorpe 
3) Jonathan Redmond 
4) Jamie Varney
5) Connor McNama
6) Marcus Rose
7) Ross Baker
8) Jamie Matthews
9) Matt Lewin
10) chris goff
11) Ben Leslie
12) Russell Shea
13) Charlie Collins
14) Lee Walstow
15) Jamie Toombs
16) Ben Sime
17) Adam Perry
18) AJ Barr
19) Simon Burt
20) Rich Vincent
21) James Henley
22) Ryan Lodge
23) Tobias Dracup
24) Matthew Mcconal


The venue is Woking Conservative Club, it has a bar and plenty of parking. It's a five minute walk from Woking staion and just as close to Woking high street.


Woking Conservative Club

Mount Herman Road



GU22 7TA


Tournament pack attached

Strength of the fallen.docx

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Updated the attendance list


Best painted will be best painted crew (Player Voted)

and Best Painted Master (Judges choice)


You can't use the same model in your crew and as your best painted master.


I will be putting up a tournament kit soon.


Could we please ask people to bring terrain with them?? We would really appropriate if people could bring a table because we are going to be short. Give me a shout if you can. Extra raffle tickets for anyone that does


Thanks guys

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Hi Guys, thanks for hosting the tournament yesterday in testing conditions. I'm sure you noticed the heat, right. lol. 

One thing I noted, as did another tourney go-er is that we didn't get a Guilder. Is this something you can put by for us (me and Adam Perry?) 

Other than that, my only gripe is a silly-ish one but Bag O Tools is great, but i prefer to hear my next oppo from the TO and not from someone shouting across the room. Personal thing I know. I'd also prefer the final round placings to be kept private for a short period so people hang around and help etc which most people did to be fair. 

Good crowd considering it was a lovely hot summer's day and looking forward to the next event. 

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Reminds me, myself (Jamie Toombs) and Ross Baker also did not receive guilders, must have missed the handout whoops. No big deal obviously, but if there is a way of getting them or having them put by that would be grand.

Fantastic event, really had a tonne of fun, and many many thanks for putting it on, you guys were great. The venue's built in gaming sauna was certainly a memorable feature, thanks for the water.

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