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Misaki, Sensei Yu, and Stalk


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So how exactly does the bonus walk work when Sensei Yu copies Misaki's Stalk ability?

I get that she can then use her zero action as an attack against it then, but if the stalked model moves, what are my options?

A ) Misaki gets to walk toward the stalked model

B ) Sensei Yu gets to walk toward it

C ) I get to choose either Misaki or Sensei Yu to walk toward it

D ) Something else 

"A" would be my guess, but I'm having trouble finding a ruling or clarification, and I want to make sure that I play it correctly.

Thank you.

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“Stalked: At the end of any Activation in which this model took a Walk or Charge Action, one opposing model with the Stalk Action may take a Walk Action that must end the move as close to this model as possible.”

Misaki has a stalk action. Yu does not.

Yu can use his (0) action to take his master's (0) action. 'Take' as in 'immediately does it once'. Not take as in 'copies it to his card until end of game'.

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Nice thing to remember, stalk lasts until this model takes the action again. So you can have two targets staked, one by Misaki and one by Yu. This can potentially give Misaki the option to take a walk towards both, or either of the targets in a turn, for a lot of added mobility.

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