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7 hours ago, Parker Barrows said:

Sure, you can replace Splitting Tails, but that +3 Speed may wind up being more valuable than growing a new head.

I have a feeling that being able to move after going through a Portal Marker is going to be even more important for getting some wild attack angles, but yeah being able to pull a 20" charge when you want it is pretty nice.

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I just have so much love for the forums right now.

Hey all, so I figured it'd be handy for people to have the information we know from the cards so far on here to have an idea on what sort of playstyle we'll be looking at.  We're slowly getting to see

His name is not Cinnamon!

On 28/01/2017 at 10:51 PM, Cedar said:

Another question about Goryshche- do you think that ear-splittig screech is useful? For me it's very weak ability and why should anyone use it instead of powerful attack? 

From looking at it, it is useful when you're not in range for its Ml attacks, or when you are in the middle of a lot of enemy units. It is after all a possible 7" pulse. IYou'd do it ion place of the the Hungry Maw attack, so you could have done other attacks using the versatile assets first. 

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