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Few pictures and these cuties are already striking my fancy.

They look a crossover between Cthulhu, tyranids and wrath of Kings hadross. What can possibly go wrong?

So looks like they will be obviously melee focused. I hope we are not talking about the glass cannon ancient formula but something tanky.

The guy on the site with the hardened shell doesn't look exactly the fastest chap on the road but sure looks like he can take few bullets and shrug it off.

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"A Gibbering Hordes army is focused on melee, using their seemingly infinite numbers to conquer their enemies."
That's how they are described here.

They are the Allegiance I am most curious about :) Second one would be The Coult of the Burning Man.

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I mean, check the Avatar.  I'm obviously excited about these guys.  Unfortunately, it seems like the fellas I traditionally play Malifaux with aren't interested in ToS, so I'll be debating on kickstarting on my own to maybe play at a shop sometime.

I'd always figured I'd pick up one or two of the bigger models just for the aesthetic of the models, but these guys I like.  Especially their description.  I much prefer melee swarms to anything else.  Not sure how the mechanics in the game will play out, so not sure precisely how they'll do it, but I prefer thousand cuts to one big monster...most of the time.

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I like the big monsters, wouldn't mind a formula with big monsters making the small guys tougher.

I will of course need to see the details if mechanics to make a decision, so I hope they will go on Kickstarter with something more beefy than what we got now. 

I already play other systems and I don't feel like investing in other stuff unless I'm completely sold on them.

I must say base mechanics looks interesting. I appreciate the take on the morale. Some games are dropping it because is a dice roll that decide too much. I like the fact that units can become powerful if they complete special objectives.

Still skeptical about the card system in a bigger game, but ready to get impressed.

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I'm so so so intrigued by TOS. We have such little info, but the factions are spectacularly cool. I'm tempted to pick up both Burning Man and Hordes if the game looks good.

It's basically the Malifaux army level game - I'm just wondering how the game actually plays and what kind of mechanics there are. I don't expect the intricate interplay between models of the skirmish level Malifaux, however I do hope you can do real funky stuff.

Really hoping for a Monday preview with more stuff before the Kickstarter - it's all going too slowly!!!!!

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