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Malifaux Rapid Growth Achievement League Burnsville MN 1/4/2017 - 1/25/2017

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Help us kick off the new year with the only way us wyrdos know how, Malifaux!

We will be hosting a Rapid Growth Achievement League from January 4th through the 25th spanning 4 weeks here at Legion Games.

Our scheduled League days will be every Wednesday, however people are welcome to play their league games on a different day of the week as long as they report it as such.


We want to make the environment feel welcome to any new players wanting to participate, so we will not require models to be painted, and players are welcome to determine their own encounter size and deployment so long as both players agree to it. However players are welcome to follow the guided encounter size and deployment if they wish.


We will have an entry fee of $10 or a purchase of $25 in Wyrd product with all entries going towards store credit prizes. We will be giving store credit prizes to top 3, and while we are allowing unpainted models, we still want to promote the hobby side of Malifaux, that being said, we will also be giving a store credit prize to the player with the highest hobby score with a vote among the participants for tiebreakers. We will also be giving a 1st place Guilder to 1st place as well as participant guilders to the rest of top 8. A mystery box will be giving to 1st place, with 2 others being given out at random to the other participants. 


Feel free to comment or PM me if you have any questions at all that I can answer,

The address for Legion Games is

3124 Highway 13 West

Burnsville, MN 55337

You can call the store at (952) 895-1989

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Quick update to the league; after talking with some players I will also be adding Sunday as an additional league day to help out with everyone's schedules. Both days will count as a league day for the purposes of achievements but you will still only be able to score once per week. You are still free to play your league games on seperate days as long as they are reported as not being played on a league day, and you are more than welcome to come play both days of the league if you have that itch for some games. Just wanted to make sure all the players in the league can comfortably fit it into their schedule.

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