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Gib-ering / Jib-ering


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I just want to say that you can still win the pronunciation.

Outside of the US, the name "Couch" is pronounced "Kooch" instead of the same as you'd pronounce the furniture.

So you just need a Mr./Ms./Honorable Shambling Horror/etc. Gibber leading the faction and you can have it pronounced Gib-bering. :) 

Or just blame it on Mr. Gibbs retroactively.  :D

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Either pronunciation is acceptable, though 'jibbering' is certainly more common.

Given the number of times I've heard people catastrophically mispronounce terms from Malifaux, I'm not sure how important it is that we agree on an official pronunciation of Gibbering. You can always rely on people to find new and amazing ways to screw up speaking words. :P

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