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Xavian and Deathgrip

Divergent path potential posibilities

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I have an overactive and obssesive imagination, and it started to wonder what the other possibilities for divergent paths could have been, the ones that were not chosen. For a bit of fun I will try to come up with things that could have happened up to round 3, because I do not have unlimited time and I found that round 3 served as a climax that was the highest point of the event. In terms of story it would have been best to wrap up there, but only three rounds would have been a bit short for an event like this, so I understand why they chose that. This will also be a work in progress, not all will be done at once. I am a university student, this will probably become a bit of a stress relief outlet for me.

Bold options were created by Wyrd. Non-bold options come from my imagination.

  1. Man
    1. Guild: Man gains a body guard
    2. Arcanists: Man becomes a Werewolf
      1. G: The man is captured by Guild Laywers
      2. A: The man is given the ability to control his transformations
      3. R: The man learns that he is destroying the souls of the dead and joins Reva
      4. NB: The man is driven insane by Pandora and assists her in a bloody rampage
      5. O: The man is stopped by a bunch of bandits who leave him a handkerchief as a souvenir.
      6. g: The man is stopped by Gremlins who toss him in a pit full of other deadly animals.
        1. G: Hoffman is woken up in the middle of the night by a (probably drunk) man who asks what they could do with a giant wolf, Hoffman comments they could turn it into a mobile weapons platform to get the man to leave. He is not amused by what he finds the next day.
        2. A:
        3. R: The gremlins begin to grow bored of the man's cage matches, and forget to feed him. With little else to do they sell the corpse to Dr.McMourning.
        4. NB: Zoraida meets the man, and has the Gremlins let him free. He is at first thankful, than he realizes he wants him for little more than a beast of labour, to carry around her pot, and whatever horrible things are inside.
        5. O: The popularity of the cage matches grows, and eventually the man catches the eye of a group of pit fighters who find the man would do very well against more human opponents.
        6. g: Wong throws a glowing pig into the pen, and the man eats it. Only to be shocked as he grows a second pair of arms and two new heads.
        7. T: No one knows how the gremlins got their hands on a dawn serpent, but the Ten Thunders are not amused.
      7. T: The man is stopped by Sensei Wu who promises to train the man.
    3. Resser: Man learns to raise the dead
    4. NB: Man becomes a Nephilim
    5. Outcasts: Man steals a freikorps suit
    6. Gremlins: Man tricks Gremlins into a very one sided deal.
    7. Ten Thunders: Man becomes a Brilliant Addict


  1. Trickster
    1. G: Trickster is revealed to be an Ortega
      1. G: The trickster
      2. A: The trickster begins to develop magic powers, and infuses her guns with the chaotic energy coursing through her.
      3. R: The trickster begins to hear voices, and coats her bullets in poison.
        1. G: The trickster joins the Death Marshalls
      4. NB: The trickster attaches blades to her guns, and begins to search for her missing relative.
      5. O: The trickster takes all the guns she can find and leaves Latigo, intending to sell the weapons.
      6. g: The trickster loads her gun with (incredibly unsafe) explosive bullets and decides to go hunting some Gremlins.
      7. T: The rest of her family find the clockwork rifle in her bag and connect the dots.
    2. A: Trickster can control machinery
    3. R: Trickster cannot die
      1. G: Trickster steals a death marshall coat and badge
      2. A: Trickster Joins the cult of december
        1. G: The trickster ambushes a pathfinder and steals his clockwork traps
        2. A: The trickster is invited to become a silent one.
    4. NB: Trickster is semi-possesed by a Sorrow
    5. O: Trickster gets a gun and a katana
    6. g: Trickster tricks some Gremlins
    7. T: Trickster becomes an oiran.
      1. G: The trickster becomes a dominatrix.
      2. A: The trickster manipulates a showgirl.
        1. G:  An exorcist begins to frequently visit her and tries to convince her to leave.
        2. A: The trickster is killed but her soul is moved into a Coryphee. (this option is the only reason the showgirl appeared at all)
        3. R: The trickster is killed but her spirit rises from the grave to attack those she deems responsible.
        4. NB: The trickster escapes the violence and hides in a garden that turns out to be filled with man-eating plants, but she convinces them to let her live if she lures more prey to them.
        5. O: The trickster betrays the showgirl, but is attacked by Jack Daw and forced to dance for eternity.
        6. g:
        7. T: The trickster defends herself with a long length of ribbon, performing a deadly dance of silk and steel.
      3. R: The trickster is murdered and resurrected by Seamus
      4. NB: The trickster hears tales of a woman in the swamps who can adjust your fate, and she sneaks off to meet her.
      5. O: The trickster acquires all sorts of diseases and is left on the streets, desiring vengeance.
      6. g: The trickster begins to use a blowgun with darts filled with a toxic hallucinogen.
      7. T: The trickster's powers manifests and she is revealed to be a kitsune.
        1. G:
        2. A:
        3. R:
        4. NB:
        5. O:
        6. g:
        7. T:

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