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While I spent most of my painting time on my Ulix crew at the moment, here is a sneak preview on my next crew project, which I plan to do as part of the 2018 painting challenge:



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Hah...you thought there would be models.....sorry. Just stuff I bought for basing my Rasputina and Ulix crew. Especially for the snow effect I have high expectations. I'll write a couple of sentences on the progress and my experience.


First of all, some Vallejo water effect. The dripper bottle is nice.



Very pleased this one came in a bag. Krycel advertises its packaging as being intentionally reusable - even for other stuff like carrying your tokens around. I like it.





Some fine snow powder. This will last a looong time. Then a sieve to apply the powder. Some adhesive which you can apply via brush but also air brush or pump bottle. The smaller bottles are snow camouflage (whatever that does...) and a snow wash - which basically lets you add layers of a wash that'll dry out to appear like snow. You can mix this with the powder. I'll have to experiment alot. Then there are some flyers on where to find tutorials on youtube and some quick start instructions. Also some quick tipps on how to achieve different snow effects. I'll experiment an let you know what my experiences are. So far I am quite pleased for what you get for your money.


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