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Malifaux Tournament @ Infogamer, Zagreb, Croatia, 13.Nov 2016

Demonn Agram

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Tuesday 8.11.2016. - Saturday 12.11.2016.
DEMO GAMES of Malifaux to everyone!


Sunday, 13.11.2016.

unlimited pool, fixed faction
50SS crews
only fully painted models may be played

Generalship - TP - (0-9pts):
win - 3 pts
draw - 1 pts
defeat - 0 pts
tiebreaker is the number of VP.

Strategies and Deployment from Gaining Grounds 2016 (4th Quartal). Schemes will be provided by the TO at the start of the tournament
Painting (0-4,5pts):
bases - 0,5pt (flock), 1pt (detailed)
painting - 1,5pts (3 colours), 2pts (drybrush), 2,5pts (shading, layering etc..)
overall (all figures painted by the player!) - 0,5pt (neat and precise, wysiwyg), 1pt (extra details and/or conversions)

extra 1 point for using a crew never before used 
extra 2 points for using a fully painted crew never before used

for more info, contact me through PM!!


Schedule (rough):
10:00-11:00 registration and setup
11:00-12:30 GAME 1
12:30-13:30 Lunch break
13:30-15:00 GAME 2
15:15-16:45 GAME 3
16:45-17:00 Awards ceremony

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