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Zoraida crew proxy models help needed


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It's been a while since I painted any new models for Malifaux but I've just bought a few new models for my Leveticus crew and have been looking what I might buy after I finish these ones...
At some point soon I do want to add a couple more models to my Zoraida crew.  Top of the list is a Nurse but the Wyrd ones don't really fit the 'rustic bayou' look of a Zoraida crew, so does anyone have any suggestions for an alternative nurse model?
How do people feel about this model as a bayou Beckoner? (Do Beckoners even work well with Zoraida?)
Also, this guy looks like he'd make a great tough guy for a Zoraida crew, but I have no idea who it could be who would work well with her - any suggestions?
Thanks in advance,
- Dave
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You could try the sub-forum, but proxies tend to be very meta-specific, so kinda hard to say what your group would deem fitting... Love all the Freebooter minis, Freebooter's Fate is my major game outside of Malifaux. A little bit hard to see what they should be used for, I tend to feel Klocke's style is so unique they tend not to mix well with other lines, but the cultist models are awesome, so should be used as much as possible!!

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