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Illuminate my Illuminated


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2 minutes ago, skoatz said:

Shenlong and crew.  Hand them fast and focus and they can shoot for the brilliance cloud then charge and have that sweet, sweet +2 damage.

100x this. Throw in Graves and Tannen and you have a "Dragon's Night Out" crew :huh:

Illuminated work really well denying/delaying Hunting Party and for Public Demonstration since they're tanky enough to stick around through a few activations and can come back almost to full when they activate again. Throw in three and say count on your opponent not picking HP or regretting it shortly afterwards.

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McCabe can also throw Elixir of life on them and you can watch them heal 3 on activation plus their (0).  Had one at 1wd, go back to 6 that turn, get beat on back to 2wds, McCabe activated that turn *thrown elixir on turn before* and then give him reactivate so he could get right back up to full.  He was holding down an important spot so it was frustrating my opponent a lot.  I have used them with Misaki, Mei Feng, and Yan Lo as well.

I often use them when I need a solid minion and don't want to spend the SS for a henchmen or a costly enforcer.  Also often they can be independent from the master and still handle a lot of what might be thrown at them.  The fact they don't need a master or support to still be durable and threatening means you don't need to babysit them.  Mind you I have a hard time spending the SS for more than 2 also, as 7ss a pop they are not exactly on the cheap side.

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