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Philip and the Nanny 101

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Howdy y'all, 

I've just recently picked up the Molly box and have therefore acquired a talkative severed head in a pram,but I'm finding it hard to see how to play him with any sort of certainty/efficiency. Bear in mind most of what I know is theoryfaux, bar the one recent game I had with him. 

I couldn't find any posts that really gave me the information I was looking for though... 

I KNOW from listening to podcasts and reading around the place that Philip is an excellent model that I believe some people almost include in very game. 

I'm aware that he is good for card cycling and also turning enemy scheme markers in to corpses when needed, but that's really the easy part. 

The hard thing I'm finding is the WHEN to do things, do you always have to take a dead Dixie to get the most out of him?HOW do you decide to use the card cycling vs getting chatty up and then risking him due to generally being in the thick of it without manipulative? 

Really I'm asking what are peoples experiences and some examples of when they've used certain abilities of Philip's and why, holding off and playing defensive or playing "aggressively". 

Any and all input will be much appreciated. 


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As with almost every model, you should consider hiring him if you want him to do something in the game. As I can see, his card cycling goes well with every smmoner in the faction, but also requires a friendly scheme marker, so, to reliably use the ability, consider hiring a scheme runner to give him the things or plan on doing it only once per turn (drop scheme, discard it)

The possibility of creating corpses from enemie  scheme markers can be good, but is not something you could count if there are not many marker related schemes in the pool. As it needs your opponent to contribute to that, you may not useit very often unlss you play Colette or som of the new masters. The corpses are cool to certain models (Nico, toshiro, reva, archie, etc) but more often, the no marker is what you want

Chatty is a good ability that may be used if there are interacting heavy schemes in the pool (distract, cursed object) but, as it neds you to activate early, you may find out that, if you are taking him just for this, Mortimer is better. The good part of this model is that you can shut down many opponent schemes by activating later and discarding markers (plant explosives can be cacelled by you activating chatty or by dicarding the markers they have dropped) so his versatility is one of his best advantages.

I wouldn´t bring him to a killy game with a master who isn´t so desperated about cards (McMourning maybe?) or if I couldn´t spare resourses into it.

When playing with a summoner, is one of those models who can shine while hidden behind the summon courtine


hope this helps a bit!

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I like playing him with corpse bloat for some damage though I haven't tried his new upgrade yet. With the possibility to do some damage he is a quite flexible peace. You can even park him somewhere to block lanes, engage stuff or hold zones as he can be quite a tarpit with manipulative, high defense and wounds. He also is a great carrier for Take back the Night or other anchor upgrades that influence other models. 

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