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Violation of Magic - Is Burning Condition Removed before being killed?


A model with the burning condition is killed by it at the end of turn. Can Sonnia summon off of it or is did the model remove the burning condition before it died?

I found an old question about this from 2015, but only two people answered and no consensus was reached.

Before someone points to the FAQ there is nothing there about dying from Burning only about if a model without burning is killed when she declares the Consuming Flame trigger:


84) Can Sonnia kill a target with Flameburst, trigger Consuming Flame, and then use the Violation of Magic Ability to summon a Witchling Stalker? What happens first, Consuming Flame or Violation of Magic?

Violation of Magic happens first so Sonnia would not be able to summon a Witchling Stalker. Violation of Magic occurs “when the target is reduced to 0 Wounds.” This would happen during Step 5 of the duel process (Determine Success) as results are applied during this step (Core Rulebook pg. 33). Consuming Flame is an After Damaging Trigger, which occurs after Step 5 (Core Rulebook pg. 32). So Consuming Flame would not have given the target Burning before Violation of Magic happens and no Witchling Stalker may be summoned (unless, of course, the target already had Burning from another source).

This does not satisfy my question.

  • Model A has burning and is within Violation of Magic's aura.
  • Model A dies from the burning condition in the End of Turn step.
  • What happens? Does Sonnia get a Witchling Stalker or is did the model remove the burning condition before it died?


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The text of Burning is that it deals damage equal to the burning value and then is removed. So if a model burns to death it is reduced to 0 wounds before you remove the burning condition. So you can summon a stalker.

"Burning +1: At the end of the turn this model suffers +1 damage, then remove
this Condition.
" page 61 SRM


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Hagisman: please don't involve the wording "killed" here since it confuses things. Violation of magic procs off the model being reduced to 0 wounds, which happens before you remove burning from the model. Agreeing with Adran here.

The burning condition specifically mentions the order in which you do the two things as Adran pointed out in the quote.

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