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Parker Barrows vs Jakob Lynch, Campaign battle report

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Alex Vian/TheGreatSerpent

"Here in the Twin Cities Malifaux community, we’ve begun a Shifting Loyalties campaign, coinciding with the global Malifaux event Divergent Paths! My first opponent is a local guy who, because he has an infant (whom he loves?), is unable to come out to the stores. So I faced him in his lovely home in the suburbs, in a showdown which combined both the Campaign and the Divergent Paths event, as we battled over a wayward child who just came to Malifaux and was being hunted by Witchling Stalkers."

Below are the lists that were brought and the following link contains the entire write-up: http://midwestwargaming.com/campaign-battle-report-parker-barrows-outcasts-v-jakob-lynch-ten-thunders-malifaux/

My list for week one of the Campaign:

Parker Barrows
– Highwayman
Doc Mitchell
Mad Dog Brackett
Big Jake
+3 scrip

The Campaign has slightly different listbuilding rules, limiting me to only one faction upgrade paid for by soulstones in my first list. Up to 3 soulstones can be left for your ‘scrip’ bank.

My opponent’s list:

Jakob Lynch
-The Rising Son
Hungering Darkness (0)
The Illuminated x2 (14)
Mr. Graves (8)
Mr. Tannen (6)
Monk of High River x2 (12)
Ten Thunder Brother (5)
3ss left for scrip


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